Would You Get Plastic Surgery To Take A Better Selfie?

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This girl wanted better selfies, but wait, first, lemme get plastic surgery. Buy some awesomeness for yourself! http://www.forhumanpeoples.com/collections/sourcefed Our Sources: http://bzfd.it/…

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NextGenTroll says:

I noticed Will’s nose before but the fact he took something he may be self
conscious about and turned it into part of a joke just made me love him
even more. #ApprovedHost 

iamlegend128 says:

will is so funny haha

mary frenette says:

I would get plastic surgery if I could afford it to look generally better. 

Awesomeness Hippopotamus says:

I don’t disagree with plastic surgery but I do disagree for her silly
motives. I’m just like anybody else and sensitive about some quality’s that
I can’t change, but I’m not gonna go about changing them just because I
wanna look better in other people’s eyes. But I’m not gonna judge, do
whatever makes you happy in life.

Lottie says:

DAMN Will is good. I’m so glad my beloved Eliott was replaced by someone
equally talented (although in a different style).
I think Will is my new fave. 

mitchell dubeau says:

I like this Willam guy :)


it doesn’t matter what she does, because she still ugly. 

TheDmntdmnky says:

Its official, Will is my new fav ^.^

Aigars Dzerviniks says:

Goddammit people! Instagram wasn’t created for selfies.

Sharifah Nabiha says:

Comparing yourself to the others online weakens your self-esteem,

Cody Chamberlain says:

Lol he said let me be clear like Obama lololol

Stijn Van Damme says:

have to admit it, will is growing on me.

OnlyRusseLLHD says:

i didn’t notice how big his nose was till he pointed it out xDD

Pink Program says:

Is it plastic surgery if you have to build a face from scratch?

fasterpussycat1234 says:

William you look like Bruce Lee roy from the last dragon movie from the
eighty’s no shit you gotta look that up

Hatter says:

Honestly I can’t really complain or comment on this since I plan to undergo
leg extension surgery to make myself taller. Currently 5’7 and for a guy,
that’s too short, In my eyes. 

Yanbo Yang says:

see i never noticed the size of will’s nose until he said ‘that nose
tho’…..now that’s all im looking at

ruben sierra says:

Will does a good job replacing elliot

graffifti graffiti says:

I hate to be ‘that guy’ but this isnt real news…

cheesepuff says:

she looks like laney lipson

Scott Thompson says:

I feel really bad. I never noticed William’s nose, until he pointed it out
in this video and I can’t stop focusing on it :L

Stevestech says:

I didn’t even notice the nose until now lol 

Zapren Kostadinov says:

What the F is a low-fi?

xSwarzey says:

Yeah…these sorts of people are the absolute worst.

Jules Winnfield says:

I didn’t notice his nose until he mentioned it…

ibrahim alqusaimi says:

Srsly..? Come on …! 

kat .com says:

U guys thank u! I needed to do a speech against plastic surgery and u guys
helped Thnx again!!!!!

Nicholas Posey says:

If she’s happier now why judge her? It’s her life and her body, if she
wants to alter it why castigate her any more than you would someone with a
tattoos or piercings?

John Harrison says:

william is so f hilarious i’d give him a whole pizza for himself if i
visited sourcefed office

hairynuggs says:

Society is FUCKED 

Shawn Smith says:

You are beautiful!

Allison Wend says:

i could NOT stop laughing when he flashed himself. William is

Isaac Ross says:

50 bucks says that both of them had makeup people touch then up before
doing this show. No different, maybe surgery is extreme but it’s the same
thing as wearing makeup. You are trying to present a different version of
yourself. Leery people be.

runawayexpress13 says:

That girl is cray cray.

Molly Oneill says:


SimplySalma says:

let this lady do whatever the hell she wants with her body, jesus. Like
this story is literally just “some woman got plastic surgery because she
wasn’t happy with how she looks” which is literally the same reason that
thousands of people get plastic surgery for

oneoptimisticstar says:

Great video, when I was younger, my 20’s (I’m 37), i thought of it. but
now, no I’m not perfect, no one is, I learned to love myself, and I’m lucky
to have a man who adores me. But then again I’ve never had a problem
getting a man or making friends. 

SophieManheimer says:

I’m 17 and have hated my nose for as long as I can remember. I DO want to
get plastic surgery to make it look nicer but I’m not going to do it until
I’m in my 20’s. And if it’s not a problem then, then I’m not going to fix

Jessica B says:

“Darlingboo.” Lol. I think I love you.

Justin Wight says:

will killed it

James Liversidge says:

surely posting this video proves that it worked because people are talking
about it?

HeatherFish88 says:

i like your nose

Mohammed Miah says:

Yoooo look at his nose <.<

unhappy cat says:

I think I’m in love with Will.

Jean Alba says:

Nothing is worth getting plastic surgery all those needles and pain is
worth looking like an freaky looking mannequin monster 

Micheal O'Shea says:

Wow I just noticed your big nose now I can’t unsee it

Daniel Halevi says:

I really don’t understand the point of selfies. I mean, I never took a
selfie (okay maybe once but never really liked it) and I hate seeing people
use way too many effects on their photos.

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