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Piloting my PARAMOTOR while piloting my DJI Inspire for the ultimate Selfie. Airception – A pilot within a pilot. 😀

The DJI Inspire 1 is so easy to use I decided to take video of myself while flying my paramotor. It was much more difficult than I first imagined. Keeping my paramotor in a safe area while maintaining orientation of the Inspire and where it was in relation to me.

The DJI interface was very difficult to see while I was in the the air. I have goggle I where while flying my powered paraglider that made the screen even harder to see.

Thanks to Shane Denherder for the Kougar Niviuk wing to fly and Mitchell Garcia for being my wing man on the ground.

I chose a field that I could do this little stunt over without endangering anyone else. If anything happen to fall It would land on open ground.

Flying a PARAMOTOR with Snowmobiles!! Winter rocks for flying – especially when you can share the snow with other people who love the snow.

Powered paragliding is really awesome in the winter because the air is smooth and dense and allows for fantastic flying conditions. It’s a little colder but bundling up makes it a pleasant experience.

Paramotoring or PPG or powered paragliding, as it is sometimes called, is the ultimate in personal flight! Take to the skies anytime, anywhere. From your backyard, the beach outside of your hotel or a small road in the mountains.

Check out wildlife, visit the tops of mountains (12,000ft is my personal highest peak visited) or just buzz around your home town.

Paramotoring is the closest thing to the dream of personal flight on the planet. Perfect control, safety and performance packed in a package that can fit into your trunk. SERIOUSLY!

Paramotoring is quick and easy to get into. Unlike a pilots license you can be in the air within 6-10 days.

How safe is paramotoring? With the right equipment and instruction Powered paragliding is the safest form of personal flight.

How far can you go? Depends on few factors such as your equipment and environmental conditions but I have personally travelled 100 miles. If you use ridge lift and thermals range an be much greater!

Do you need a license? No licensing, no age limit and no training required.

How do I get started in paramotoring? Find a trainer. Check out paramotoring forms on facebook or I love answering any questions. Just comment. 🙂

What paramotor is the best? My choice is the Flattop Ninja. The Flat Top is designed differently than almost every other paramotor on the market. It makes in more convenient, tough and safe to fly. If you have questions you’re welcome to message me.

If you have dreamed of flying, this is truly the sport for you.


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DDMSteveB says:

Color me impressed! I think I enjoyed how much you were having a good time
more than anything else.

Shane Denherder says:

Funny, that’s your best footage yet ;)

Cled Williams says:

Wow , got to hand it to ya ! Ya sure know how to multitask and fly. I bet
you could read a magazine and eat lunch all the same time while flying .
lol Ya got skills. 

Adam Edgar says:

ahahaha…video games, paramotoring…what more could a fella want?

As always, love watching your channel.

Nice one!

CUBAN2014 says:

That was awesome …thanks for share it …great job in both the paraglide
and the DJI inspire …that’s was fantastic…

Jameson Gibson says:

I was very nervous for you when you pulled the controller and ipad out
mid-air to hook them up. Very awesome video though man. Keep it up!!

MelltedBullet says:

this is extremely impressive! it must’ve been ridiculously hard to actually
set up the controller etc. and then you even take off, fly and follow
yourself, and land (autonomously) all without crashing the inspire or your

Shawn Henderson says:

You are nuts James… Love it! So how did you deal with the Flattop
throttle while piloting the Inspire?

Samuel Chenelle says:

you my friend are awesome!!!
And then the RTH activation to simplify everything… love it haha.

Chris Montes says:

Bad ass, nice edit bro!

Traxxas Slash Ultimate 4x4 says:

Nice, just curious why you don’t use follow me?

keith allan says:

Well done! Impressive!

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