Train Selfie Leads To Head-Kicking Leads To Big, Big Money

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Watch Jared’s video here: “Jared Frank, the Regina man who went from hapless tourist to internet sensation over a nine-second YouTube video of a…

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BurakovAS says:

Ana, have you seen Idiocracy? You should watch it.

Jay Blue says:

gawd… I just hear her whining and im just trying to tune her out waiting
on him to say something and then he doesn’t really towards the end

mazinais31 says:

auto captions translated that ball kicking game as “rush limbaugh” hahaha

Freeden says:

Hey, more power to him. I mean, it does kind of send the wrong message that
you can make money off being an idiot. But it’s the corporations that want
to pay for the idiocy, so why should the guy say no. Lucky dude, in a
sense. One moment he’s just trying to take a selfie. Next moment he’s
getting rich.

ratchetstorm9 says:

That guy in Peru must be KICKING himself in the ass for that smooth move

Aahz321 says:

And here I am making 10 bucks and hour you know. . . .working. Man I feel
like a fucking idiot.

Ryan Sellers says:

ricky is leaving damn

Savi says:

Amazing how people get money by not doing anything…

AnElevatorFart says:

I’m off to the nearest branch line with my camera. I hope the conductor
gets really pissed so I become a millionaire. 

dowddash says:

We already saw kids trying to do this when Jackass was really popular. No
big deal, it weeds out the stupid. =p

spriinkles1000 says:

The only one who should be getting rich is the man who kicked this jerk.
His boot should be inducted into the rock hall of fame lol i know it is
excessive but seriously

Vincent Padilla says:

Lemons to lemonade! With great risk comes great reward, I guess. I could
die, but it would be a sweet YouTube video!

Stabby666 says:

How much does YT pay per 1000 views now? Genuinely interested.

Giuseppe Baccari says:

Internet fame means nothing.
Well, TYT wouldn’t exist without Internet fame

chrisharden13 says:

This guy is from my city. =/ Embarrassing.

zh11147 says:

22 million views, at least a few thousand people will try to jump in front
of trains and get kicked in the face by people now. I am extremely worried
about the precedent these misfortunes turning into fortune situations set.
On the other hand, i guess if some idiots end up hurt, that just

JukeFox says:

The amout of money ppl make from doing stupid stuff. Its fucking

Peter McLoughlin says:

Another sign of idiocracy “ow my balls”

Him Tortons says:

Welp, nobody is drinking pilsner this summer.

Edward E says:

“Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White
“Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a
non-White country.
This IS geNOcide. WHITE geNOcide.
If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you are called a
Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to
the following two things:
1 – Multiculturalism is a code for White geNOcide.
2 – Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.

TheElectricStone says:

I use ad-blocker… so yeah – fuck him!

whitedragonguardian Ocola says:

Ana your too old for funny videos.


Well atleast he’s not being a bitch and going lawsuit happy to make his
money. He’s getting ad money good for him! He seemed to be pretty cool
about getting kicked in the head.

DBroncs18 says:

So this guy is about to cash in on what minimum wage workers working 60
hours per week take years to make. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Edgar Marenales says:

The licensing of videos like these are used in television shows , Like
those programs with robbery footage , accidents and that kind of stuff.
I friend of mine took a video in his vacation week in NY , the video was
about a Guy in underwear with a cowboy hat playing the guitar in the 5th
Avenue , and the cops came in and put him the car . He upload the video on
youtube and a week later my friend was contacted from many production
companies to buy him the rights of the video , he cash in for like 500
dollars for a 30 sec video .

The company send him a paycheck and a DVD with the entire episode that
contains the footage.

irishslimz says:

Lol, tape a camera to a boot, pick it up and hunt down a duche bag to hit
in the face. Jaws theme playing lol jk

Ze Buttonmasha says:

License the video as a ‘Where NOT to do a #selfie , or you may get kicked
in the face’.

Carl Johnson says:

Whats annoying is the kid is gettin money instead of the conductor that
saved his life because by kicking him, he removed him from the danger

Wizard Sleazy says:

“In the private region” lol Anna u sound old saying it like that hahaha
love u Anna 

FrstSpctr88 says:

I watched the vid and found a link to imgur, where it was pointed out that
the guy-who-was-kicked-in-the-head was gonna get his head “skewered” by a
hook like shape on the traincar. The conductor did what was necessary to
avoid tragedy, at a cost that he could break his leg doing so.

Very enlighting, obviously is true.

Amelia Bee says:

Hm. Now this kinda makes me wish the kid HAD been decapitated. Stupidity
shouldn’t be rewarded.

Phil Heaton says:

I don’t know, it might be better than suing the train company for millions.

Frank Suarez says:

The train engineer should sue to get his cut.

Chad Critser says:

If he was In the way of the train wouldn’t he have been…idk…hit? The
Conductor saw an opportunity to be a dick and dived in…feet first…

Jalani Wilson says:

ANNA. its funny to see someone get kicked in the head because . its someone
getting kicked in the head!!!! That means you see the foot coming and you
still get hit with it !! lol

pervertedpenguin020 says:

this makes me sad…

Ray Man says:

that’ll teach teenage girls not to take selfies anymore

colinreeter777 says:

The train conductor should be making big money for risking his leg (which
looks like it bent pretty badly), and also saving that douche bag’s life.

LastTestament says:

100 million theoretical dollars

RetroBug42 says:

Raising money so someone can retire early?… I feel bad for her but that
money could go toward saving lives….

Julz R says:

Had it been 5 min long, I don’t think that all those people would have
watched it. But 9 seconds? Yeah, everyone scrolling by has time for that.

Bernardo de Elía says:

the ball in the groin, it works in so many levels…

Michael Jones says:

It’s great. Leave it alone. It’ll thin out the herd and weed out the
stupid. Do we REALLY want these people propagating our already
overpopulated Earth? They are NOT our future.

Ben Mall says:

The subtitles on this are hilarious.

djkoolaj96 says:

Am I the only one who clicked the video thinking the guy was suing the
train company?

TheDeathonlegs says:

This kid shouldn’t have received a penny. Wish the train hit him now.

Roxana Toledo says:

How the fuck was he taking a selfie, but it was on video mode? that just
doesn’t make any sense.

Josh J says:

I dont understand how he was taking a selfie if he was recording a video –
you can’t take a photo if you are recording

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