The #SelfieABC Tag – Karen Gillan & John Cho

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Welcome to The Selfie Tag! Learn all about Henry Higgs and Eliza Dooley of ABC’s new comedy Selfie, premiering Monday, Sept 30 at 8|7c. What is your best phy…


daescheesecake says:

I love how they tagged Marzia lol

Kate Reid says:

This just seems to me like Karen is answering the questions

awkwardMEOW says:

Nanalew posted her response. (Moments like this the lack of video responses
on videos is stupid)

likegaston says:

Can someone explain why John Cho’s character has a non-Asian last name?

TigerBlood13 says:

Call the Doctor?
Go back in time?

They placed these questions on purpose 

Coleman Goode says:

in a past life you were Amy pond. haha 

ndeye97 says:

Thanks for uploading! :)

CinemaInsane says:

I like it, but her accent is weird since we know she’s Scottish.

Rupert Ursa says:

She was always very, very pretty, but the rebooted (version 2) Karen Gillan
is something else. Breathtaking doesn’t really do her justice.

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