The Selfie Commercial

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Mr Bollox does a commercial on the trend ‘selfies’!

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BigYoshiFan says:

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Gabriel Aidley says:

I don’t mean to be any sort of bummer, but I just wanted to say that I am
not going to try to get a Mr.Bollox poster.
1. My parents may disapprove of it because…(you know what Mr.Bollox is
2. In order to get the Mr.Bollox poster, you need to follow
BigYoshiFan(Lewis) on his social media accounts. And I do not have an
account on any of them apart from Google+, which Lewis does NOT mention in
the description(I’m not old enough to even join Facebook).
So there. Comment has been ended.
Hash Tag NoMrBolloxPosterForMe
(if you’re wondering why that didn’t have an actual Hash Tag, it’s because
I’m on a mac, and I don’t think there is a Hash Tag key on a Mac keyboard,
because no matter how hard I look, I can’t find it)

BigYoshiFan says:

New video out now!

Thomas8april says:

Awesome video Lewis!

Braeden Baumgartner says:

will the fortune teller movie be uploaded soon it looks like it will be
really amazing!!

eric doss says:

BYF will you reales the fortune teller movie anytime soon?

TheDeadlyCreep Mario And Gaming says:

hashtag MrBolloxPoster

MarioMonkey SneezeLover says:

LOL selfies 

David Does All Plush says:

Mr. Bollox is love Mr. Bollox is life #MrBolloxPoster

Pamela Charles says:

well done but i can’t hear it because my speakers aren’t working

SuperKoopaTV says:

I called the number but something else came up.

Ethan Baugh says:

I liked the part where Mr bollox said or even random people on the street

Snaps Gaming says:

Keep up the good work i love these videos

Car master says:


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poweruplegend bee says:


TheMinecrafters10 says:


PotatoEggNascarRoblox Productions says:


appletizer says:

Loved this video

Shreda Peoples says:

I love it

netharsan rabindrakumar says:

hastag mr.bollox

Hello world 98 says:

Hello, I’m new on YouTube!
And can you please give me a warm welcome!
I do gaming videos, tutorials!, Geometry Dash,
Here are games I might play!
Minecraft, Terraria, The Sims 4, Doritos Crash Course, Harms Way,
Skylanders (All Games) And Disney Infinity! 

Taylor Fiford says:

33rd comment

Snaps Gaming says:


SuperMarioFan 639 says:


Ashley Dormer says:

1st comment

Lucario Lord says:

aww crap I don’t have twitter or intsagram or tumblr 

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