The Chainsmokers – #Selfie – A Dose of Buckley

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I’ve already been told what song should be #1 on the Ten Worst Songs of 2014, so I guess there’s no sense in making this year’s list. Or is there? Buckley talks about the latest viral hit,…

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XOtericate says:

I haven’t heard the song yet but the premise reminds me of Frank Zappa’s
“Valley Girl”. Thanks and I’ve subscribed!

DSKiller619 says:

Buckley makes my day. Thank you. :)

DragonFox84 says:

when I heard the song I thought it was too silly to be serious….even if a
lot of music out there is getting to this point…thus why people thought
it was serious. it had a sarcastic ring to it so I did think they were
making fun of those types of girls, because yes they exist and its funny to
exaggerate it and so on. sure the song isn’t the best but if you look at it
from a comedic pov then I think it does its job and its hilarious.

BlGOLAF says:

The entire song is just a lampooning of our current, airheaded generation.
I like the premise, myself.

CerberusLives says:

I’m sorry, but the ‘joke’ defence ain’t gonna fly here. A joke is supposed
to entertain, or amuse. At least raise a flicker of a smile. This… noise
is utterly devoid of all and any entertainment value. It is the very
definition of vacuous. It’s not deserving of hate. It deserves nothing but
complete indifference from all of us, until the people that made it realise
that a joke has to actually attempt to be funny. Simply having an actress
portray the EXACT behaviour of certain self-obsessed wankers over a
super-generic dance track is not a joke. 

joetri10 says:

And anyway, it’s a good song when you hear Danny Dyer sing it ;3

Sousabird says:

I can’t tell if Club or Rap is serious because I don’t listen to it. But I
wouldn’t honestly have been surprised if this had been serious.

dezthaman says:

I never even heard of this song until I watch this video 

DeadpoolYagami2 says:

I know I’m gonna look up this song and say “this is so catchy”and become
one of the “stupid people” for liking it, even though I’m gonna like it for
different reasons 

visualkeirockstar says:

never heard this song

ninjarai001 says:

so… in order to get recognized as a musician and artist today, I have to
write a really bad but funny joke song to go viral.

or make a dance… or sound absolutely retarded like Future

sigh, fuck the mainstream music, I’ll stay underground.

BassicsMusic says:

Buckley’s “Worst Songs of 2011” went viral. Did Buckley contradict himself?

daniel55645 says:

i first heard this song on the radio and i knew people who liked the song.
and the picture of the cake you showed looked absolutley repulsive

TheHollowGrey says:

I heard they made this song with the sole intention of getting famous so
people will listen to their “real music” later on. That’s why I don’t like
this. I dunno, maybe it’s just how new artists feel in today’s society, but
you shouldn’t need to implement cheap tricks such as making a stupid viral
video in order to be recognized. Shouldn’t an artist be recognized based
off the merit of their skills as musicians or songwriters?

Anthony Gelly says:

It’s always great to get a dose of what the real world is like from my
isolated box life.Thanks Buckley. 

Mankiller15 says:

I wasn’t really surprised you weren’t going to include this in the list.
The only reason I hate it is because I hear it too much instead of things
“I” wanna hear. And of course, no one seems to care what I think. So I
don’t even bother anymore.

Valen Dreugh says:

The retarded cheesy plot in Machete is one of the reasons why I love it so
much. Mainly because that’s the point and they weren’t doing it to be

ZarBonM4 says:

thank god i didn’t watch it 

Samuel Noa Greén says:

This is one of the reasons im subscribed!

Neos Knight says:

Stop trying to make this mans list for him, if you have a better list then
make one yourself.

Guilherme Lopes says:

What about Red Solo Cup then? It made it into your list even though it’s
obvously just a stupid joke.

Sarahdactile says:


Crazy_Ed says:

When you listen to the other material that the Chainsmokers have made,
remixes and such, it sounds much more like melodic house-style dance
music. So you can tell that #Selfie was a more spontaneous spur of the
moment type parody song.

Also, just to point out, Red Solo Cup was labeled by Buckley as just a song
about some stupid red cup. It’s a joke as in the song is just a
mediocre excuse of a song, not as some parody of a music genre, social
lifestyle, or inside joke regarding a TV show. It’s a boring song about
boring plastic containers. Nothing more!

Chris Barb says:

I thought it was pretty obvious that it was a joke… guess not.

Gamble Animations says:

Oh Mai god! This is my anthem now! I swear Buckley I never laugh at your
impersonations but this time you made me cry on how accurate that was.

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