slice life: selfie 16

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Many a sesh was had at the NV Ghetto Spot, before JP left for Peru, and we’ve got the footy to prove it. While he was away, Christian showed us the Fish Bowls, where he and Andre got tech. We take a trip to the Fraser Heights park and skate with Seb. The NV Locs show us what the new generation has in store on a skateboard. Shawn drops in for a whirlwind visit and the sesh continues into the night with Pageau at Chuck Bailey. We get innovative at The Dry Spot with Jordan Bandula while he was in Vancouver. #skate4chris

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FOR THE LOVE OF SKATEBOARDING #slicelife @slicelifedotca


Houlirifical says:

Sick Flick Homies. Hyped To See How Productive Y’all Kept It 100 This
Summer. Can’t Knock The Hustle. Keep On Pushin 4 Life #SliceLifeLaFamilia
#Representing #Love #Unity #Family #BrotherHood #PassionOverEveryThing´╗┐

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