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That wasn’t even Benjamin Franklin you idiots, it was just a guy dressed
like him! -_-

YouTubion's Daily Vlog says:

Guy’s please take a second to view our channel!
It’s real hard to get people to come over to your channel these days!
Give it a chance! :)

koolmonkey345 says:

Seriously what is going on with YouTubers. Couples are getting divorced,
couples are uploading shorter vlogs and getting more money anyway, people
are complaining about Shane Dawson and Alexis. Also, people harass Joey
Graceffa about his sexuality. I’m kinda over some of the youtubers and
their fans bullshit. Fans claim to be true and the second the person does
something they don’t like fans start a war in the comment section. Joey
continues to hide his sexuality. Charles continues to make daily vlogs,
Jeana anf Jesse contine to upload shorter vlogs, and Shane continues to put
Alexis on his channel. No matter what yay so called “fans” say, all these
youtubers will do what ever they want at the end of the day. Although they
ask fans constantly what they want to see, its doesn’t matter because we
are not behind the computer screen with them. Nomatter how long you have
been watching youtubers, none of you know a thing about them. They upload a
tiny portion of their day, and its SAd how attached some guys get to 

xNED37x says:

Jeana’s gonna be a crazy old cat lady

StriVision says:

Epic plot twist…That WAS the real Benjamin Franklin

TwerkVideosAndMore says:

I don’t know bout ya’ll, but, I wanna see jeana twerk..

SuperSpartanwarior says:

I do parkour/free running

Mary A says:

everytime jesse jumps from those round posts it freaks me out because when
I was 6 or 7 i thought i was a badass and kept jumping on them and then i
missed one and fell and hit my cheekbone under my right eye and i had a
huge open cut ugh it was nasty i still have the scar. oh well im kinda glad
it happened. i learned my lesson and i got a cool battle wound.

Kenneth Ng says:

What was the song palying at 6:03

ThePropergol5 says:

Cats with 3 different colors are always females or sterile males you should
know that

MissCutiePie20 says:

Rock Hard Cafe! In NYC! Go There! It’s nice!

CrazyZEG says:

@ 4:45 the woman passing by O_o

Zandarts Žirkulis says:

Why the fuck they dont want kids? Whats the point to live together? They
are not even married. All Respect… I’m watching BFGF blogs for 2 years
more… I dont mean nothing bad, but really how long will they live like
that? Sorry for bad english. And now i can bet alot peoples will reply
somthing bad. You can do that. But also you know thats true what i said

Mrs Bundy says:

why re people saying she is old looking . being in your 30’s is not old but
she does have a lot of fine lines. Maybe its to much drinking or the Jersey
Shore gentics

tspirit99 says:

” i didn’t see that one, i thought it was part of the CHAIR” LMFAOOOO

JacobOgs says:

if you look close enough you can see that it isn’t the real Benjamin

Dave Smoove says:

Song at 6:01 

nhraman76 says:

What’s the song at 6:02?

warasskika says:

What was the song on the radio at 6:00 in the video

Sam Mascorro says:

I do parkour me and a couple of friends

Straighm8 says:

That wasn’t really Ben frank

Fernando Hidalgo says:

I do parkour!! like so they can see that they have parkour fans :0

Caleb Clark says:

you should visit the world largest toy store in time square it has a giant
piano an the floor u can play with ur feet

juan gonzalez says:

If you look closely you can see its not really benjamin franklin!

Jackie Gonzalez says:

You guys really think that they don’t know that Benjamin Franklin died?
obvi they know he is DEAD. 

JGRAYMAN12 says:

Can someone tell me the song they were playing in the car near the end?

IGGY745 says:

Anybody know the name of the song at 6:00 ?

Zan Ahmad says:

Jenna seems to be getting stupider after every vlog 

whatsnextnow19791 says:

Peace on the treats saaaan! lol!

Ant8u1008 says:

You should check out m& m’s world in NYC

Diego Sifuentes says:


O'DoyleRulz says:

Reading the comments I’ve realized people are too dumb to understand
sarcastic jokes.

nick kumar says:


WeGottaSituationGTL says:

Selfie Swaggg

ReeceAndLaurenVlogs says:

Firetruck was all pimped out and what not ;)

Shyanne Hicks says:

yes i do parkour HAHAHHA NOPE

iiDeXtErItYii says:

The song in the car was ‘Tsunami’ by Tinie Tempah

Mohammed Ali says:

If that was Benjamin franklin he would’ve kicked you in the face n not
posed when you took the selfie 

Franky Boy says:

I always do parkour when Im going home ultra drunk!

FKNxGaming says:

nylah turned asian

KellyB Crabtree says:

yes parkour is awesome i live ina good place to do it at to

Tom Bombadil says:

Jeana, lighten up on Jesse haha. All you do is make fun of him

TheGamingChickLogan says:

As soon as Jesse said oh sh*t I dropped my phone . 

Christopher Smith says:

I do parcore ones I was lost in Hotel so I found stairs but they started 3
floors form the ground. So with a plate of food I kicked of the wall and
managed to grabbed the 3 floor railing and pulled my self over.

robinson camacho says:

Sleep hollow new York 

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