Selfie-Taker Sees Opportunity, So Does Train Conductor

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“Well, just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Internet delivers another surprise. Jared Michael, the viral video star I suspected of pranking us, appear…

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StoneThug Music says:

A boss and badass of the day , he’s going home to make mad love to the
wifie ” that shoe guy “

SpiderWaffle says:

“boy, or man” my favorite part :D

Borovez says:

The problem is his foot could have stuck underneath the kids neck and
pulled the kid into the train and possibly kill him. But yea, that
kid definitely deserves a good kick to the head.

Javan uHnah says:

Literally the only reason why people are condoning this behavior is because
they are fed up of “selfie” culture. I doubt he was even endanger of the
train and by kicking him the way he did he could have easily fell backwards
into the train. Kid was just being a Kid. The driver was being a dick.

thereign says:

Oh long Johnson, Oh long Johnson, Oh long Johnson

Lone Wolf says:

If only that happened every time someone decided to take a stupid ‘selfie.’

judgeman090 says:

No such feat can top my selfie 😉 *google+*

Brimar7 says:

As a railroader, I side with the kicker. Don’t be near the tracks of an on
coming train. I’d much rather kick someone in the head than hit hit them
with my train. 

hassleoffa says:

If you’re close enough to the train to get kicked in the head … OF COURSE

Mr-D-DiVine-1 says:

LOL!! a boot to the Head,hes lucky it was just a boot he got

Double says:

3:14 wuhh-sick-tyul-uhhhhh

Atomsk12 says:

3:12 Makes me laugh every time Cenk does that

Raziel Silver says:

man TYT and the people in comment section are pieces of shit. Yeah let’s
laugh and condone people committing violence on each other, as long as no
one is seriously hurt right?

To all the morons stupid enough to say that there was some imagine piece of
metal the conductor was saving him from, don’t be such deluded sheep. The
conductor kicked his head to the side. It in no way would have prevented
some random piece of metal at the same distance from hitting him. Not to
mention his boot went around and under his chin, so it would have pulled
him INTO this alleged piece of metal.

Also I can’t stand all the sheep that buy into this moronic “selfie” hate.
It’s only what humans have been doing since the invention of the camera.
How the fuck is it different, just because you’re the one who gets to hold
the camera now? Like EVERY family portrait or even lone portrait is a
selfie. Stop this stupid bandwagon idiocy. You look like a bunch of
self-righteous morons, just looking for a reason to feel like you’re better
than other people. It’s like making fun of and hating people who drive
cars, because it’s no longer a horse pulling you around. Fucking idiots

saulm453 says:

WARNING… idiots debating a stupid topic below. 

spriinkles1000 says:

GUY: I know i can get my ass KICKED. BUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE

Andy Panayiotou says:

Fox probably thinks this is propaganda to make us forget about the other
footwear hitting Hillary Clinton.

Dementia Boy says:

Learn some manners, affluenza-ridden brat.

James Robinett says:

The man did not kick this kid to be a dick. He stuck his foot out to
prevent something even worse from happening to this idiot. If he didn’t
stick his foot out to soften the blow it would have been a lot worse. 

SIG442 says:

Anyone see something then? Come on, the traindriver is not guilty. This
idiot shouldnt even be near that train in the first place. He could have
easily been killed.

Aveq Vteganot says:

Um, for all those that didn’t notice, there was a sharp metal pole the
train conductor was covering with his foot, so the dilemma is, either let
the kid get his head ct off or spinal cord broken and completely disabled,
then i cant stop and he is sitting somewhere bleeding to death not being
able to move, or i could put my boot in front of the pole, and not kick
him, but protect him from the pole that’s coming and hope he doesn’t fall
under the train, u see? the train conductor didn’t kick him, he had his
foot in front of the metal pole, so he could either take the decision of
not doing anything and the kid dying or make the decision of blocking the
pole and hoping the kid moves forward and lives, basically saying, he
either just dies, or try saving him, and he tried saving him

G Nunchuk says:

Imagine being the engineer, unable to stop, seeing this asshole so close to
the tracks. 17MPH would still wreck this jackass. All for a steel toed

Rick's Channel says:

Ana, tell me more about these…selfies.

GeoDelGonzo says:

My friends and I after watching the train selfie video believe the
conductor saved that guy’s life by kicking him. You don’t notice it at
first, but there’s a piece of metal sticking out directly beside the
conductors boot. If the conductor didn’t kick that guy, his head would have
been gashed open or worse.

Vel Ma says:

He damned well needed/deserved that kick! You’re too close if you’re that
easy to reach!

isupposably says:

Yeah, U r not judging..

Tr ip py says:

You do realize the train driver most likely saved him because he used his
foot to cover a bit of metal that was sticking out you can see it at 1:49.
So he was saving the guy, that is why he did it

piemaster334 says:

Please don’t use idiots like that to judge us young people, The idiot’s are
the vocal ones but not the majority.

valflyinf says:

Considering the fact those boots were most likely steel-toed, I would
arrest the conductor and charge him with aggravated felony (due to the
weapon used).
Conductor: GUILTY

Manx36 says:

Am I crazy? Why is this amusing? That guy could have been killed if he had
fallen backwards and these douchebags think it’s amusing. He’s traveling in
a foriegn country and wants to take a picture and their attitude is how
dare you? What a couple of aholes. The guy on the train would get his ass
beat and fired if it were me. What gives him the right to put his hands on
someone who has done nothing to him? Sorry you two are so above people
using their cameras to take pictures of themselves on a trip you didn’t pay
for and doesn’t have squat to do with your life…asswipes.

Joe Doe says:

Funny way to go !! kick on the face by a boot ! lol…..well deserved this
guy is a professional idiot !!

Kegen Benson says:

there’s a piece of metal directly behind the guy’s boot. look at the
freeze frame, there’s a metal hook-thing the conductor puts his boot in
front of. if he hadn’t kicked him the guy would have gotten killed. 

Ryan Freeman says:

Okay, finally something I know I can talk about.
So I’ve been where he is in this video. Its a place where you can take a
trail, or many people walk along the trail tracks. But whenever the trains
go by, the conductors are constantly telling people to get away from the
tracks. This guy wasn’t listening or watching. 

omar nasser says:

Why do we worry about our privacy but yet we rush to throw everything and
anything we say, do, and go on Facebook and Twitter. I get the selfie and
Facebook posts to an extent but the CIA came out with a statement saying
that they get so much of our info on social media they don’t need to spy on
us ( even though they still do) but it’s getting a bit sad

Sterling de Mille says:

while it is kinda funny and he deserved it, kicking him was waaaaaaaay too
dangerous. speed does not matter with that kind of mass, it will just chop
off limbs and heads slower. close enough to kick is close enough to fall
near or on the tracks

sonix rey says:

how was he trying to take a selfie you morons, it was on video mode! he was
probably recording a vlog. 

MikaelKKarlsson says:

Alpacas sends their regards. *wham*

Nick Rayman says:

You know, if the conductor’s foot had been positioned /slightly/ different,
or if this kid’s footing wasn’t so sound, this would be a very different
story. VERY different. It would be the train conductor jailed for killing,
or very seriously injuring, this kid.

hjfdlt says:

I call bullshit……using a video for a selfie……idiot

Herb Burnah says:

Pretty sure this guy set this whole thing up. The dude had an agent before
this happened and he copyrighted the video instantly. And honestly how
could he accidentally take a video instead of a picture? He obviously set
this up and it’s about as real as reality TV. And that’s why he cares more
about fame than his health. That was the whole point.

Tara Fleming says:

What if he fell into the train after being kicked… Then it would have
been manslaughter

ninearthify says:

that kid should be president of Peru !

TheEnthusiasticMind says:

This isn’t a selfie, A selfie is a picture, this is just a video. A viral
video! It has a lot of likes. 

nairobie755 says:

Given the chance of brain injury from the foot or the guaranteed brain
injury from the metal piece the foot protected his damn head from I willing
to go with the foot.

Ramsey Kagak says:

Anna… I’d only love you more if you take naked “selfies…” but he was
effing close enough to get an effing boot to the head! I hate selfies, but
my 4 year old daughter takes them and has her pictures all over my phone…
With that being said, screw selfies… unless you show ‘bewbs’… but yeah,
I love TYT shows.

nailin18 says:

Bullshit, the conductor was an asshole, he didn’t do it for the guy’s
benefit or because he was endangering the train, that train could have ran
over that guy and all the passengers would feel was a bump, yes the camera
guy was doing something potencially harmful to himself but if anything the
conductor risked kicking the guy under the train, so he wasn’t just an
asshole he could have killed the guy.
If he was so angry maybe he should have thrown something at him, the
conductor is just a dick hope he gets fired.

Donkey Bacon says:

Its been broken down frame by frame there are metal protrusions on the side
of the train which most likely would have hit him in the head. The
conductor most likely saved this man severe injury or death.

Alpha Mel says:

It’s cool to be stupid. I get it.

BipedalP314 says:

Can I kick him?

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