Selfie Gate: Did Dwyer deserve a Yellow for his Selfie? | Instant Replay

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Simon Borg breaks down if Dom Dwyer deserved a yellow card for his celebration, If Vicente Sanchez deserved a red card or two, and much more of the controversial plays of week 17. Subscribe…


Dimitris Lari says:

He didn’t deserved a yellow.

Pirlo says:

Sanchez is such a dirty and disgraceful player for Colorado. After he
scored he then taunted a Crew defender and that tackle on Jimenez should
have not only gotten him a straight red, but a multiple game suspension.
Absolutely disgusting trash of a player. 

abcFIFAxyzHD says:

Dwyer was fine

Antonio Tavares says:

in the seccond pk for real salt lake there isnt a offside position because
the ball touchs in the revolutons defender! ;)

keyboardwanker1 says:

i didnt know dwyer was a homosexual

Luke Straub says:

Why do the refs want to screw over The Crew?!?! :(((( We deserved a win

keyboardwanker1 says:

being america, if he dropped that fans phone and it broke, the fan woulda
sued dwyers ass..thats why this cant be encouraged

pioneer7777777 says:

I’m OK with the creativity of the celebration, I don’t really care for it
one way or the other. However, if you don’t punish that then you’re saying
that celebrations like that are expected and unpunishable which I don’t
think should be the case. If you have a celebration like that after every
goal it feels more like an entertainment show like the WWF than a sport.

Douglas Bailey says:

You couldn’t see the contact on Donovan?


Praise YAH says:

MLS has the worst refs in professional sports.

trollingchefs says:

I don’t have a problem with the celebrations, they’re quite funny to be
honest. Issuing cards for celebrations just kills the spirit in my opinion.

NeoCarbonyt says:

I loved Dwyer’s celebration with the fans, i dont think a yellow should
have been given cuz he isnt interrupting the game at all

Carlos A. says:

Of course!

Caitlin C. says:

holy shit, simon borg actually argued for a yellow instead of a red

Chris Sirc says:

That selfie was super creative. No yellow should have been given.

AJ ABBEY says:

I love the creativity of the celebration I honestly don’t understand why
you get cards for celebrating with the crowd I think it’s good since we
show up and have so much passion for the game and the club we support

J Dufour says:

How do you call pk on bendik? He came out, made himself big, and made the
save. It was a perfectly clean play, and great goalkeeping. 

Robby Yeo says:

I think it was over celebrating and it was wasting time. Also the other
celebrations may have never been called because it was a different ref

Sean Williams says:

i have no clue what he is trying to argue about the tackle by Bendik. That
is just great goalkeeping….

Nicholas Gallo says:

all the assistant refs in mls suck

luis43447 says:

not going to the world cup made Donovan a diver

Sik Vlad says:

Dwyer’s celebration was great. The ref is just a hater 

Aled Fellowes says:

Dwyer did not deserve a yellow card for the selfie, I’d allow a player do
that as long as it doesn’t waste excessive time which it didn’t. No problem
there for me

Mai Nem says:

… I should add, that if he went to the opposition supporters and took a
selfie in front of them, then that’s probably a bit naughty

Michael Gillespie says:

well, in nascar brad keselowski was fined for tweeting while driving

Steven Morgan says:

Yellow card to Dwyer. Well deserved.

MrFirefang5567 says:

No yellow 

AsapGames says:

love the creativity 

captin cookiemuncher says:

He didnt

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