Selfie By Train FAIL | Kicked in the Head!

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When this dude tried to take a selfie while a train went by, he stood a little too close to the tracks. As the train came, someone had their foot sticking ou…

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Zack Gomolski says:

Stupid pretty boy.. Train conductor saved his life..

Mike Paul says:

I’d kick him too…right into the train. #DumbassKid

SuperCapnmorgan says:

why did the train have to miss?!?!? Damn damn damn!

SteamTeamRedubUK says:

Oh long Johnson! 

Woo Sucky My Balls says:

You straight stole this from Jared Michael

Snivy Luck says:

There was a peice of metal sticking out of the train, it, proabably the
train conductor was trying to save his life…

MrCartershow says:

To fight against the proliferation of dumbass selfies, replace the front
camera of smartphones by a 9mm.

weczi says:

stupid ashole! hi save your life!

Purifyer83 says:

When I get Kicked in the Head, I prefer it to be by a Train!

Meulen says:

He earned that kick against his head, you guys have any idea how many
people jump in front of a train in my country, and the train conductor is
the one that suffers the most, some end up with a trauma or in shock
because when you experience something like that it can break you mentally

Fargraven195 says:

Why the fuck would he take a picture that close to the tracks? And how
didn’t he hear the horn, even with the earbuds? He still should’ve heard
it. Idiot 

Danny7305 says:

deserved it, cant wait for this selfie thing to blow over. 

MegaPirate99 says:

Did anybody notice behind the conducter’s foot?

Fernando Mahuzier says:


tlalotoani says:

If you can be kicked FROM somebody in the train you´re too close to that

Miss Mizchelle says:


TheLovelyBonesFan says:


micuenta97 says:

He want just to be cool xD

Rodrigo Melo says:


kirk side says:

I’d of used a golf club

MrRussian2023 says:

Dumb kid

Lord trollsten says:

For all the people thinking the conductor (the guy driving the train) was a
horrible person. He was only trying to save his life by kicking him away
from the tracks.

raider miolo says:

Hahahah. So funy

Roy Jonker says:

lol….own fault dickhead

Scott Whitney says:

I doesn’t seem to be hurt from a kick moving as fast as a train. kid must
have a tough head lol


Conductor: HEY!…….. WHOOOO

SirAdamKenna says:

I would have kicked him harder, steel-cap boots anyone?

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