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Alright. My family has a selfie problem. Last video: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+:…


Devin Temple says:

Have you seen my new video? #seflie #vlog

themulletrun says:

Creator X sent me

Michael Sarkis says:

Great video man, I really enjoyed it!!!

ONEsmartALEC says:

Yeah, that massive program looks so confusing. So many knobs!

I thought somewhere in this video there would be a “I’m going to DD, but
first, let me take a selfie.” haha.

What would you say if I had a coffee pot that also had a k-cup dispenser?

MindlessPropaganda - Weekly GTA V Videos says:

Hahahaha awesome video man your dog is awesome 

neshaluvswill says:

Love the selfies with the grumpy pup, lol.

Corey Brewer says:

Still can’t get Massive to work on my mac. Probably because I suck. Feed me
is my favorite electronic dude. And your sisters reaction when she realizes
she is on camera in the back seat.

LiL T says:

OMG, lil pup is so adorable(I had a pekinese that had the same underbite),
is she a pekinese or shih-tzu? Dang & I thought my dog was the cutest! 🙁
Sub’d :)

Tasha Styles says:

I am addicted to selfies… but I’m a Make Up Artist so its allowed 😉


I see a ton of vlogging goldmines in here; the backyard, the dogs, family,
friends, travel, transportation. Some bizarre dog breeds=like em. One dog
look gremliney. Ahahahaaaaa, wait? Tell her that was the best part, when
she was making the face with the dog. That was priceless authentic. Great
vlogging future. I’m stoked to start vlogging better soon. Getting out
there in the world. I’ll try to stop back here when I can. Thumbs up!


Tucker rocks! also, MW3 ftw!! (fav map= Terminal), LOL @ “smile with your

Jayden Sky says:

I am mostly into punk and metal 

Everythin' Bunky says:

Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream going way back, Orbital,
Kavinsky and tonnes more… Cheers!

drosh413 says:

I like cazzette, duke dumont, and even though mainstream now, calvin
harris.. saw him at coachella in april. Friggin amazing.. new subscriber..
liked ur vid, especially the dogs and dunkin donuts. Lol.. back to work
now.. later.. :)

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