Photo Contest: Doll Selfie Winners and Free Printable

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by request: Check these FABSOME Doll Selfies and a Free Printable of the winners photos. Link to Free Printables:…

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MyFroggyStuff says:

Happy Easter! … Check out another FABSOME video. Doll Flower Crown XD …
These Popular Crowns will look Fabulous on your Dolls! … vid up Saturday!
Happy Crafting! click the link for a sneak peek:

MyFroggyStuff says:

The Woody and the Little Mermaid pics were submitted by the owners of those
pictures. They were already on Google, however they were submitted by the
owners for a chance to win the contest. Everyone did a FABSOME job. We
can’t wait until the lest contest. we LOVE you guys XD

Heidyjackson14 says:

OMG those selfies are awesome

Whittnay Biskit says:

Those photos are fabsome! 

savybug11 says:

+MyFroggyStuff I don’t play with dolls anymore but I turn some of the
things you show how to make into fun things like neckalace and
jeleryholders. I’m starting a YouTube Chanel and I was wondering if I could
use your printables in it as long as I give you credit? If that would be ok
with you Ms.Froggy?

Viperine.s Channel says:

MyFroggyStuff , you gonna put on the printables only the winners or all the
selfies ? Because see my doll selfie can be FABSOME ! XD

Winter Crystal says:

Oh well, didn’t win, maybe next time! Congrats to winners! 🙂 enjoy your

Shayla Tran says:

And btw I’ve entered all the contests and never won

Marwa Basha says:

Congrats to the winners !!
Guys you are awesome !!!!
And my froggy stuff … You are amazing :D

Katie Jackson says:

Im seriously bored with your contests because it’s so hard to win even a
place in your contest, and just because of quality. Guess what? I’m not
rich so stop picking the good quality all the time and start picking some
bad okay? I don’t mean to be mean or anything but Im saying this because a
lot of people aren’t rich and have like the greatest camera in the world.
MyFroggyStuff, try to be more fair next time and not criticize the quality,

Weather Bob says:

Great job winners! I didn’t win but like the barbies said, “There will
always be a next time!”. The peoples selfies were just so fabsome! I really
enjoyed looking at them! Love you Froggy Mama! :oD

lemonlime10fyi says:

Congrats to the winners! I can’t wait ’till the next contest!

EverAfterHigh$ says:

I’m so upset I didn’t win but congrats u winners!

PrincessAnise91 says:


Kawaii CrushGurls says:

I never win! What’s the point of entering?

barbie craft says:

Well congratulations to the winners

animestarph441 says:

Wow nice pic im sad because I didn’t won but I have fun

Anijae Vales says:


So Crafty says:

Froggy I have a craft I made out of sticks it’s a chair and I don’t know
how to send the photo I am going to make a video on my channel it would
mean a lot if you checked it out coming from a crafter like you.

LPSGirl2310 says:

Darn I didn’t make it 

EverythingDolls says:

Mine was the one with Ashlynn and Hunter! 😀 This was so much fun! congrats
to all of the winners! (:

Creativemindsxoxo says:

I didn’t have time to enter with all the homework i have but everyone else
who did enter, congrats on trying because there’s always other chances. And
for those who did win….congrats too because your apparently selfie
pros!!! You obviously worked hard

Giang Dang says:


Reem Fawaz says:

Dollastic and chad Alan are having a giveaway

Eliana Tijerina says:

the little mermaid was a beautiful doll

jada says:

I’m so happy that a lot of people won but a didn’t get my picture in but
froggy can you subscribe to my channel thx

Leilane Bonilla Chavez says:

Ever after high

Blobber Fish says:

oh, i thought EVERYONE got their own not just the winners…. im ok about
not winning but i thought we ALLgot one no matter how terrible they were
comared to the winners ;( sorry but yeah just upset i guess again well done
winners but i wanted a print out 

cora rausch says:

ive never won in any i enterd in all of your give aways

Abigail Wills says:

Great job everyone! Contests are so much fun! Congrats to those who one and
even bigger congrats to those who tryed! If at first you don’t succeed
enter her next contest! Thx for the fun contest froggy! +MyFroggyStuff 

Row blessed says:

My dad and I worked so hard on entering! I don’t want to make him upset by
telling him we lost. ) :
I wish there would be a contest were I acctually win. I’ve entered several
contests and I’ve never even got 5th place. It was sorta fun though.

Cherry Pop says:

Can you do the next contest by email, again?

Lynn Ackson says:

Cannot waıt!!!!!

prima huang says:

Lol, I love the oscar selfie!

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