My Links ♡ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: emaitland Wordpress: Tsu: Upload Schedule 動画のスケジュル On Mondays i upload a video blog of my weekend or a special occasion. 月曜日にビデオブログをアップする。(ほとんどに英語、時々日本語、字幕なし) On Wednesdays i upload videos about Australia in Japanese with English subtitles. 水曜日にオーストラリアについて動画をアップする。(日本語、英語字幕) On every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month i do a live show from 9pm JST. 毎月、第2と第4の木曜日に9時からライブショーをする。(英語・日本語) On Fridays i upload videos in English about Japan with Japanese Subtitles. 金曜日に日本について動画をアップする。(英語、日本語字幕) I will upload extra videos on the others days. 他の日に特別な動画をアップする。 # Giveaways are open for two weeks from the published date and close at 11:59pm [More]
Kim Kardashian’s not afraid to poke fun at herself — or her outrageous obsession with selfies! PHOTOS: Kim’s best booty shots The reality TV star’s Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile has been released a few days early and it’s pretty hilarious. In the style of a genuine charity appeal, a straight-faced Kim tells viewers about the tragedy of lost, un-used data that their current cell phone providers are taking back from them at the end of each month. PHOTOS: Celebrity selfies “Tragic,” says Kardashian as sad music plays in the background. “Data you paid for that could be used to [More]
Memory of a great night in Birmingham !!! Using experimental stereo rig with two GoPro’s ! Thanks Folks ! Bri | PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! My website: My personal Twitter: My personal YouTube channel: Facebook: About my new YouTube channel: The official BRIAN MAY CHANNEL is designed to carry anything on film or video that relates to me [Brian May] outside Queen – to replace all the bits and pieces of music video that are currently around out there with new highest quality versions, and fill in the gaps; and to cover under one umbrella the other [More]
Selena Gomez & Zedd’s Latest Selfie January 25 2015 – After a long time!
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New Year Program dance by IMTECH Evening Batch
Selfie Show Trial Run! Camera Fight with Galaxy S5, Xiaomi Mi3, Zenfone 5, Cherry Mobile Flare S2, Starmobile Quest & Crystal
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SCHEDULED: Making of “Don’t Tell Del Zell” and the creation of the Sterliung Selfie Playlist on the KollegeTV YouTube Channel. HOST: Bill Allard KTV Promotional Movies are Creative Commons. KTV Promotional Movies are advertisement and comment free. KollegeTV is seeking subscribers and sponsors. SML 16 – 1.24.15 – Guest – Fifteen Minute Movie Release: 1.26.15
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