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Today we’re going to re-enter the realm of spooky, scary skelemen and explore the horrifying graveyard of Spooky Selfie by developer Brenden Gibbons. We’re a skeleton with a smartphone and our only goal is to take the best selfie while doing skeleton things as possible! Check it out at the link below. Play Online & Download: Any support for the show you feel I deserve – including “likes”, comments and favorites – are a huge help to raise awareness of what I’m doing and the indie games I cover. For more check out the links below: – The official [More]
These clear GoPro poles have lights inside and are easy to build! Parts for this build can be purchased at . Parts List: – Extruded Plexiglass acrylic tubing – .875″ (7/8″) outside diameter, inside diameter of .625″ (5/8″) OR .750″ (3/4″) – One 3/4″ CPVC cap with a flat face (some are domed). – Lock-on or locking bicycle grip – 1/4-20 x 1/2″ bolt. You probably need some washers or a nut to use as spacer. – Two part plastic epoxy. I used JB Weld and Loctite brands and they are very similar. I highly recommend that you epoxy [More]
Jeff reveals some new text game technology, and takes a dip into the #betweentwodurrs mailbag
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Meet Alexis Knox, fashion guru and now HTC’s very own Selfie Stylist! Got any questions? Tweet them including #SelfieSchool for tips on how to capture the perfect selfie.
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Ford Focus RS 2015 Launch in Cologne, Germany
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