Olympus Pen E-PL7 is ready for a selfie

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With a touchscreen that tilts down 180 degrees, the Pen E-PL7 is designed for users who love selfies and want to upgrade to a more serious camera from a smartphone.


Zast says:

Focusing on ‘selfies’ as a major selling point of this camera is criminal.

Goombuh says:

how to get rid of ads?

Xbox360Gamer112 says:

I want one

Maggie Bear says:

Are u kidding??Olympus has just announced the EPL6 not too long ago,and now
the EPL7??too fast!!

subhan naveed says:

whenever im home alone i fill up the bath tub with bbq sauce and pretend
that im a chicken wing. 

Pej says:

so this would be a really good vlogging camera right?

Christos5120 says:

Instead of a proper viewfinder and an in-built flash, we get an expensive
“selfie” camera (with limited video options) to do the same job as a
smartphone. Poor decisions…

CranK Bec says:

I have a sagem X5, If the folks remeber it and I can make a selfie with it,
So why the bla bla thing and a new camera specially for selfie, I guess
this camera won’t work with normal photos. 

Bo VIce says:

Damn why you cover dem breasts? 

Ahmed Azmi says:

7th comment

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