Obama selfie: Vice President Joe Biden shares pic on Instagram

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Subscribe to ITN News: http://bit.ly/1bmWO8h US Vice President Joe Biden has joined Instagram and uploaded his first photo, which is a selfie with President …

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itlfa2009 says:

­čśÇ The only truly good press these two ass hats get now days is British run
ITN. UK since you like them so much you can have them both. Hell we’ll
pay you to take them.´╗┐

MsCordially says:

Meanwhile Putin is giving in depth interviews and statements.
hey Obama, Biden how bout you get past the one liners and talk about
things in depth. Well, at least you Obama. Biden just needs to lay down´╗┐

gtone339 says:

Selfie propaganda…Begins.´╗┐

Debatethecause3 says:

add some dead children in the back & I might think it relevant ´╗┐

Taner Pattinson says:

2 terrorists doing selfie fuck both !´╗┐

brian wong says:


FXThug says:

He’s trying to behave more black´╗┐

TheOuskie says:

no buddy like them´╗┐


Cardboard cutout cunts´╗┐

AK74SU100 says:

Now we know why obama gov. Is legalising gay marrige.´╗┐

Greenpoloboy3 says:

They both have names similar to Osama bin laden´╗┐

Gabriela Gagnier says:

Obama and his “nigga” handshake…LOL´╗┐

Saintly Oswald says:

Are we supposed to think they’re human now?´╗┐

John Doe says:

We must secure the existence of our selfies and a future for our
murderers…14 Words´╗┐

dj freiz says:

so many bad Things going on in the World and he is busy making selfie! he
is a joke i lost all respect for him. ´╗┐

Mohammed Mosuily says:

lol they have so much free time :P´╗┐

A Martinez says:

Theres so much going on and obama decides to take a selfie and smile on
everyones face´╗┐


Human haters. Should be in prison.´╗┐

DamnIN1row says:

they can suck my cock

inside job terroriist

burn in hell´╗┐

Taner Pattinson says:

2 terrorists doing selfie fuck both !´╗┐

John Doe says:

So the CIA is playing games again…Me think they want us to kill someone
for our selfies´╗┐

X Lee says:


daredevil 52 says:

Taner Pattinson..fuck you too´╗┐

Lazaro Hernandez says:

Wow u guys are hating on this video pretty hard´╗┐

halojump123 says:

Print it out an put it on a dart board. ´╗┐

SweetCash33 says:

And cue the whinny republicans who have no life!´╗┐

naturescaper says:

Too bad we all cant afford gigantic fake teeth like these ridiculous
looking fools, even though I’d spend it elsewhere. My dentist says Biden
looks like he has a row of mens urinals for teeth, “fake as hell”, after
seeing this image I am inclined to agree.´╗┐

Dhintheman says:

Cool guys´╗┐

doc Holladay says:

Lmfao check out the difference between the way barrak Hussain shakes black
guys hands vs white. Epic´╗┐

detectingwjesus says:

All the time to play and screw off while the county is going to hell in a
hand basket :(´╗┐

017SHAMe says:


cbohar84 says:

The theme song from “The Three Stooges” just popped into my head!´╗┐

naturescaper says:

Couple of New age Nazis right there, their office should be terminated.´╗┐

Jojo Ash says:

puppet war criminals who? app who?´╗┐

Lnicholls2000 says:


Julian Galarzo says:

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