Nick Tucker – Gram Yo Selfie

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Well, what do you know? Even as Nick Tucker handles a Gram Yo Selfie he keeps the steez on point, Instagram look out there’s a new Pro in town.

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Bazze says:

what shoes does he have?

The Berrics says:

Even as Nick Tucker handles a Gram Yo Selfie he keeps the steez on point

Shannon Paratene says:

Oh man,m when is run and gun happening I hangin to see a new one, been
checkin every day . Did Shane O’Neill win da last one or?

Udoka Nwosu says:

was that a nollie inward heel sex change loool

Cedric Mathias says:

he is skatin for fun that makes me glad :)

Rich Callacott says:

Nick Tucker has tricks for dayz….see here in Berric’s Gram Yo Selfie.

Jonah K says:

Damn even the filmer is good!

Jelz Bellz says:


Rep itboy says:

Inward heels are trippy!

TheWaump says:

Nick Tucker with the inward heels on total lockdown

Mizah Ha says:


Niko Rodriguez says:

I dunno when the next Gram selfie is, but someone should do boardslide up
and down the a frame

daniel ward says:

That ghetto bird was proper Bruh 

Galaxy Gang Skateboarding says:

Nick Tucker is a Fucking monster 

zeegum1 says:

Very nice 

Dawson Patton says:

Look out nick tucker, I know your phone passcode

Matteo Isnenghi says:

even the filmer is better than me hahahah

Leopoldo Müller says:

o.O macabro

Jacob Ewart says:

Where do you buy a dope gold iPhone case like that 



Fr0some says:

Nick Tucker – Inward Heelflips On Lock…. Im callin it

gkinnen says:

Don’t see sw inward heels too often. He made that look so good. Nick Tucker
is a beast!

Shannon Paratene says:

All inward heels nice.

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