Monkey’s ‘selfie’ sparks copyright row with Wikimedia

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Subscribe here: If a monkey takes a picture, who owns the copyright? Well according to Wikimedia, the organisation behind Wikipedia, th…


Incertus Veritas says:

Looking good there cousin! You should get the bucks for your selfie bro!

Osiris Djed says:

Technically Wikimedia is right. 

detectingwjesus says:

Where’s this at ? USA ?

HardscopeHD1 says:

The law states whoever presses the button to take the photo is the legal
owner of said photo, in this case the monkey owns it.

Mark Hall says:

i think they should ask the monkey for permission.

cwuzii says:

If it was on my camera I’d expect it to be owned by me. He’s an idiot for
letting Wikimedia see it in the first place, if he just kept it to himself
he’d still be the only one with it… says:

(C) Monkey 2014

Mamma Wat says:

The profit by the selfie shuld be used for the monkey.

MrDoublehappy says:

The monkey needs an agent … a baboon perhaps ??? yes because that human
Ape is a plagiarist – trying to steal the Monkeys thunder !!! Thank You

TheModernMonkey says:

dude got jewed

Dhintheman says:

They may have a good point, maybe the k was need to be reviewed .

Alien Life says:

Money, money, money, money… TPB for life!

marboss35 says:


sunny_side_up says:

It was me in my monkey suit!! Show me the money *£££

detectingwjesus says:

His camera, his photo.

Phexism says:

What a money whore…

JohnPaul Dixon says:

If I was that close to a wild Macacque I’d be far less worried about
copyright than the monkey taking a chunk out of me.Have you seen their

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