Minecraft: Mineplex Mixed Arcade – SAD SELFIE!

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BennScottGames - Click here for a free cookie! says:

Let’s see if we can hit 60 likes! <3´╗┐

TakTheFox says:

Enjoy your vacation.´╗┐

BoidersBeacon says:

You’ve “benn” growing a lot. Get it?´╗┐

EBGamer2025 says:

Patato is a Patoto´╗┐

Catracho 123 says:

Can You Do A FaceCam Plz <3´╗┐

TakTheFox says:

Much rage.´╗┐

DinoGaming Channel says:

Awesome videos really enjoyed and also you just earned a Sub :3´╗┐

Victor Pettersson says:

Dude you are awesome keep it up´╗┐

Travis Jackle says:

Please make “Playing minecraft with my mom” part two please the first part
was hilarious´╗┐

GhostSquad says:

yay 16 comment and 35 like lol just trollin´╗┐

Nicholas Poveda says:

I like your channel,I subscribed (:´╗┐

SirePixel says:

Great video man, really funny!!´╗┐

Bim Juggins says:

You’ll be big one day mate ;)´╗┐

NinjaMeow2677FTW says:

Dembeat box skills do´╗┐

Lucas caldeira says:

awesome video´╗┐

FroggayySB z says:

First ´╗┐

Criticadordegames says:

Nice video ben´╗┐

CoreGaming4Life says:

These are awesome videos!! I love them and subbed! Can you please visit my
server? Groupultramc.tk´╗┐

Lucky Cat says:

I’m a new subber but I’m enjoying your channel so far. Watashi wa kawai
nekodesu! :3´╗┐

Grant Evans says:

Benn you are one of my fave youtubers I love your commentary and your vids
rock i really do hope that you become famous someday cause you’re
EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! ´╗┐

David Duran says:

Nice video Ben I really hope u become popular in the YouTube community I
wish u do´╗┐

voidsaverob says:

I enjoy your videos and think you can go far. You make my day Benn Scott!´╗┐

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