Millenium (Kerp Fizz) VS SHC (Selfie Lulu) Highlights – 2014 EU LCS Summer W7D3

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Mil VS SHC Full Replay :


samsam2514 says:

Dat farm of lulu 

Szymon Wierzbicki says:

Do you know Selfie is Polish ?

Owen Lin says:

selfie MVP in this game

Elie4Elite says:

2:43 I think this TP cost them the game. If Kev1n had cancelled his
teleport , he could have taken a turret and surely an inhibitor. Instead he
gave a stupid kill to Mimer.

TheOberknecht says:

Really bad game by Kevin o.O

OPLOLReplay says:
Alvin Choi says:

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