Malia Obama Selfie Under White House Investigation

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“The White House is reportedly probing how a photo, potentially featuring President Obama’s daughter Malia, surfaced on the Instagram page of a rap group.

The photo appears to be 16-year-old Malia Obama sporting a white shirt with the logo of Pro Era in green, red and black lettering. A representative for rapper Joey Bada$$ told Gawker that the New York-based rap collective received the photo from a ‘mutual friend.’” *

Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?! & Turner Classic Movies;, Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report;, and John Iadarola (TYT University; break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from


Sub LBC says:

This is a story how?????

Is TYT really this pathetic?

Wow, a teenage girl’s pic gets shared on the internet and now everybody is
asking questions!

I guess TYT got stuck on stupid while trying to find a race baiting angle
but just could not come up with one.

Pathetic as usual TYT!

Joey Marlin II says:

Pro Era are anti-government, anti-police, and anti-establishment. They rap
about killing and torturing politicians, policemen, bankers, and
firefighters. Malia is fucking stupid and her father should be ashamed.

D.MYST says:

Is it me or does she look Ethiopian?

Naruto Uzumaki says:

Pro Era make monkey music for monkeys.

jacksparrowismydaddy says:

this is dumb to get worked up over. she’s a kid. she’s not endorsing
anything neither is her dad. she’s just being a kid. she didn’t ask her dad
to be president. even if she did she was too young to know “hey kid, just
so you know, you can’t go do kid things and be a normal kid and like
certain music becase you’ll destroy your father’s carrer.” kids should be
left outta politics period. whatever she does doesn’t affect her father’s
carrer. people need to stop judging these girls and making them
reasponsible for their parents.

X1nightstorm9 says:

I hate the new sound it makes, when you like a comment,

geminii says:

So they’re spending my tax dollars trying to figure out this crap.. fucking

Manjunatha Eashwaran says:

where are the right wing lunatics? busy fucking their mom and sisters?

cjbos81 says:

I’m sure her fathers are very concerned.

Orlando Tongue says:

HAHAHA its a selfie! Get over it. So what if she listens to rap music!
GTFOH Ugh when are you people going to realize that there is pigment and
melanin in the white house. Aside from that its 2015 and most if not all
people her age listen to rap and hiphop, along with many other genres of
music. Would you rather her have a Keith Urban shirt on?

Cultured Patriot says:

Libtads are always taking selfies. How about getting jobs and building
identities you morons

MilitantAntiTheist says:

Since Michelle Obama was born a man, and Barry Soetoro is a homosexual,
Malia Obama can’t really be the “first kid.” I wonder who her real parents

MetrazolElectricity says:

Why would any young girl in her right mind be into an absurd a genre of
music as Rap? Someone buy her some Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Paul
McCartney, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana. 

Don Quixote says:

album dropping Jan. 20th!!!

Xenite227 says:

Rap… pardon me while I go projectile vomit.

masksid0 says:


Rogene Roper says:

I don’t get it? What exactly is the problem with the picture? And what is
‘Pro Era’?

InfiniteIdeas says:

The web cam thing seems like a real possibility, both of her hands are on
her head

Gabrielle Van Housen says:

i dont think it’s a selfie. you see both her hands up? someone else must’ve
taken it

Detective Hawk says:

Brace yourselves, racists and idiots are coming to the comment section.

Roi Lion says:

dumbass politicians will have a field day with this one.

swanclipper says:

and there i was expecting something like “pervert sneaks into the white
house and phtographs the obama children”

or “illegal photo’s in the white house.”

not something as benign as “obama kid shares pic”

i often defend TYT with it’s so-called news, but this is just fucked up
gossip. i’m not old i wanna see some death destruction some justice
something that sparks interest instead of dirty idea’s about the obama

ProtossX says:

whys that pic under investigation? was it bad or something?

Algathor says:

Oh hey, a kid is supporting something she won’t remember shit about in a
year. Burn the witch! /sarcasm

corthew says:

“The Obama’s can’t be endorsing anything?”

Clinton goes on SNL…That’s an endorsement.
Obama speaks out in favour of “I can’t breath”…That’s an endorsement.

Your problem isn’t with endorsements.
Its with “certain” endorsements.

Kourtni Pullen says:

This was obviously taken originally by someone looking through a window at
her doing her hair in a mirror.white house needs to up security obviousluy

Light King says:

I had learn how to hack computers and steal their files in college. It’s
not hard at all.

Ramifications says:

She’s 16 and her hormones are raging. No disrespect, but she’s probably
dying to know how it feels to suck a dick etc.

ballin302008 says:

These girls are acting better than George Bush’s daughters

Anal Assparian says:

I love pro-era, I went to their concert back in 2006 and fucked like 20
mexicans in the mosh pit. GOOD TIMES

Peter Griffin says:

Wow all this craziness just for a photo of the President’s daughter

Solidus says:

The only thing that should be investigated is why anyone ever bought such
an ugly ass shirt.

Gary Paton says:

I’m surprised the story hasn’t turned into Malia Obama cow girl with pro
era rapper nude photo leak click bait yet. 

AppleSpicer says:

I like how they said “you can only get their tshirt at their concert” yet
the band openly promoted on Instagram that you can get the tshirt on their
website. Lol. Wut? 

Pastor Ben Dover says:

What do expect from a daughter of an anti-white muslim president?

killa524 says:

God damn I’m liking that suit and tie. Looks sharp and professional.

I want Ana to shit on my face.

raulmmusik says:

woowwwww a.selfie of.a girlll …..yeah lets make a bigdeal.out of it cause
she is Obama’s daughter. She appears just like any of the millions of IG
selfies. But ohohh no lets get pumped up start making assumptions
judgements conspiracies…or you could just live your life and ignore
something insignificant like an instagram picture. If you didnt know she
was Obamas daughter, i wonder….

SuperBizalz says:

:12 – Malia looks like she could be Indian in this selfie pic.

Freshh says:

“If obama got the president election then them PE boys bout to make an
intervention.” – capital steez. ;)

sadetwizelve says:

The fuck you mean “How?”….She took it and sent it or whoever she was
video chatting with took a screen shot,she’s a 16 year old girl…SIMPLE AS

AnimeFan12 says:

I bet Obama bought it for you, he hates police and white people.

Pay Thos says:

Nice plug, lol. Musics OK, I’d listen to it every now and then.

jimoneprism says:

Pro Era ( School high) at least it’s not commercial rap 

Tariq Amirs says:

Why?! Who cares what a free person does.

StunnedByStupidity says:

Yeah because shes a special magic human – not like us riff raff… WHO
CARES? Why IN ANY WAY is this a threat to ANYONE. The security forces have
WAY too much time on their hands… Hey security forces, right wing
policies are killing near 900,000 Americans PER YEAR – why not arrest the
entire House and senate?

mlking213 says:

She’s a undergrown hip hop fan…I knew Barack would raise his kids right

victoria woods says:

I don’t see the problem in this picture.

rebels heart says:

How the fuck is this news? No one fucking cares!

Dusan Mandic says:

Where is Cenk, fighting for ISIS?

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