Madars Apse – Gram Yo Selfie

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Madars Apse brings his wild, free-spirited style of skating to the rigid confines of Long Beach’s Cherry Park to handle YOUR Instagram trick requests in this Gram Yo Selfie right here.

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dary d says:

2:40 German football dress from 1990. 

Ryan Seckman says:

Or do a laser flip shoutout to Atlanta 

gamingwithnoctus says:


caleb darrow says:

do a new thing called switch saturday
all switch on saturday

Bazze says:

I love you dudes

The Berrics says:

Madars Apse handles a Gram Yo Selfie at Cherry Park 

Bkitteh says:

2:41 nigga ate shit behind him ahahhah

Colin Ross says:

Hhipphy Jhumpfor Thimmmigh

Callum Tamayo says:

Madars is a mad arse

odd wolf says:


Eli Widofsky says:

am i the only one who thinks he sounds like cartman from south park? O.O

Tyler Blake says:

“steeezy.. wow”

SuicideSkating says:

That was a hospital flip not a casper!

James Knowles says:

he rhymes as much as he can

PROBEskate Ent says:

Gram yo selfie with Cyril Jackson!! Or the Baker team

Ryan Bivens says:

It looks like he’s skating a mini board… 

Skate Boarder says:

do a tre flip to 5 -0 to double flip out

Nestor Vargas says:

This foo has better rhymes than chief kief lol

DeelioPro says:

2:40 🙁 

Aidan Gluckman says:

penis in a black buttonhole +The Berrics 

cain adkins says:


Ti Toh says:

He looks pretty in a hangover ahahaha

YouSayGamingNL says:

the casper flip was almost a varial flip XD good video dude

Ryan Seckman says:

Do a sick kick flip nose grind shoutout to Atlanta 

Technology Is Awesome says:

Happy Thanksgivin, Goat Guy Mariano;-).


Switch backside 5-0 heelflip out, shout out Crust society 

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