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Free Netflix for the CTFxC http://Netflix.com/CTFxC also get your badass shirts and stuff at http://CTFxCmerch.com (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) Tour Dates http://…

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Duston Bezzeg says:

If your looking for the vlog you have to go to the home tab on their
channel and go down to recently added. For some reason YouTube is messing
up or sumtn and it won’t show up in the video columb. Some channels will
only show a few videos on the channel tab instead of showing every vid they
have ever uploaded

MaxyTheSupreme says:

Alli’s probably out there fucking other guys. 

LzA Destroyer says:

I dont think BfvsGf really likes the SHAYTARDS because thise :
1.I feel like they are competing to be friends with Charles
2.Jesse wants to hang out to much with them
3, Im not hating just wondering if its true

queenlucysroyalmaid1 says:


Franco Dupuy says:

I think Charles is lying and actually going to surprise Alli

Stef Carozza says:

Does anyone have the link to the zip tie cat thing?

xXhockeyplayerXx says:

Coco is so cute!

AMJ67 says:

jesse could easily pull off a 4some with jeana, kim and ally….but with
ally being married, kim and jeana would suffice…kim is so fucking sexy!!

HelpMyDeen says:

I’m actually brand new loool Love you Charles!

jasmine hernandez says:

Lol the end

fablekk says:

I’m going to the via beach warp tour

Jacob Vargas says:

Bfvsgf brought me here

bubba1914a says:

upload the vlog its 3 hrs late

Mandy C says:

What game were they playing where they had to guess the phrase??

Leanne Mo says:

Actually, you CAN board an airplane without ID for US destinations. My
birth certificate, along with some extra validation/searching, did the
trick. It only took about an extra 30 minutes. You may want to check with
your airline and TSA.

Avery Furr says:

i hope you find it charles!

Angelina Koch says:

I’m kind of fangirling because I’m gonna see you guys at Warped

PunkySpunky says:

Does alli have a clarisonic? I have one!

Andrew Simpson says:

The lights are yellow because your white balance setting on your camera is
not set to that type of light. 

Saz Watts says:

Aw I hate seeing Charles upset:( 

Simon Zhu says:

i must find it

Mr. I dont know says:

Who is the girl at 3:54

Lauren Bon says:

When I fill out forms like that asking if I have medical conditions, I say
see attached and then I actually attach a list haha, it works tho!

Rob Henry says:

Your cousin Kim is absolutely beautiful!

dudeitsannaagain says:

Look into Wellness pills! THEYRE THE BEST THING EVER! And you’ll never get

Josh Garrett says:

‘The worlds best snowball I ever made’

arianna perez says:

Omg I live right bye palatine!! Aww

ethan Jungerman says:

When charles was younger did he have long hair???

Harry Pratt says:

Dunc hunt haha that’s so good 

Zane Thompson says:

Haha “worlds best snowball I’ve ever made” lol wut 

Crazy HybridChick says:

Put More On Her.
I love Ali’s mom!

Kim MacDonald says:

Am I the only one who finds Duncan extremely hot?

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