Kissing Selfie Surprise

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Just adding to the never-ending trend of kissing prank videos. Try GungHo 50% off & support the cause: Honestly though it reall…

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LAHWF says:

yes, I got her number. :)

SoFloAntonio says:

Andrew, I think both of us must have herpes from all these kissing pranks
by now!
Like if you agree!

J PumpkinKing says:

Yes I’m jealous, JERK! ;-)


“is that going to get them jealous?”
“No doubt” lmao so true

96jnb says:

Ayeee man. That last girl was cute as hell, and seemed cool af. Better take
her out somewhere nice. Lol

xGray3x says:


Carlos Castro says:

awesome video, it was also awesome meeting you on the strip on Friday! 

sebastian cuello says:

Finally a good video Andrew 

J-Rod Musik says:

I’m pretty sure that last girl was drunk. mad cute though

tom khamp says:

this video made me smile 

Sideshow Bob says:

Pause at 1:02

Should have made that your thumbnail for the vid.

Leo Najar says:

So jealous that it makes me wanna unsubscribe ! Jk .

but really fuck you tho :p 

Rod Efraim says:

I think the Marilyn Monroe reaction was the best!

hewhoslapshoes says:

Andrew is Thee Legend!

citysambo says:

No doubt.

ItsJulie says:

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO SUMMER ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

coisasdetales says:

0:44 ops

Manu Ki says:

Drew, what happened at 1:36?

Helevator says:

This motherfucker haha

jayy den says:

that last was hungry

G Godinho says:

the ending was so cute!!!

Shawn Huang says:

She wants the D?

Alex Bass says:

Ya he got laid that night 

Henry Salas says:

DAMN DUDE I HATE YOU. in a good way because you’re able to do that without
getting slapped 😛 awesome videos man

Callie Deas says:

I ship it

Anonimand says:

Haha, some of the last videos of the channel were not really popular but as
soon as you start with the kissing and the flirting (*clearing
throat*StuartEdge) people go ape shit xD

Junior Collantes says:

Man tell me that u got the number of the last one.

Katie Bransky says:

aww that was cute

komgneh says:

I love Andrew, so sweet and delicate!

Gene Malek says:

U seem like a good kisser

efren contreras says:


tykeam moore says:

Lucky bastard lol

Waris Maan says:

You are lucky brother . 

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