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Today we’re going to re-enter the realm of spooky, scary skelemen and explore the horrifying graveyard of Spooky Selfie by developer Brenden Gibbons. We’re a skeleton with a smartphone and our only goal is to take the best selfie while doing skeleton things as possible! Check it out at the link below.

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Chris Keppler says:

If only the skeleman would duckface

MrStatistx says:

disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so I’m just assuming here:
Using someone elses music and then putting up a “Pay what you want” is
probably considered commercial use and thus could be an issue, if the
copyright holder persues it.
A copyright holder can even complain for his stuff being used in free
games, but wouldn’t probably do that in most cases of free fan projects
(allthough there were allready some examples in game history where even
that got shut down)

deadserenity95 says:

I love how you always have so many so good ideas about how to improve games
or what features to add, a vast knowledge of how games work and all genres,
unlike a lot of people, reviewers especially, you can really tell how much
you love video games

Evan knutson says:

But Nick, there IS a spooky skeleton inside of you!

Eli Stanford says:

OMG NICK, you spooked me!

Plz put a Spook Warning up on this video.

aljowen says:

I would prefer it if you stay away from games that seem like they may be
I make 3d models as a hobby, While i probably wouldn’t do much more other
than sending an email to a guy who used assets without permission i would
be pretty irritated that they didn’t ask.
But maybe its good that you call out games that may have done this. Either
way it still seems like murky water.

cometkite says:

Great concept, but if they’re using non-free assets they really shouldn’t
be asking for money for it.

Vincent Povirk says:

I’m not a lawyer but here’s my take. Noncommercial use doesn’t
automatically make using copyrighted material without permission OK, it
just impacts one of the 4 factors that would be considered in a fair use
defense. I don’t think that asking for donations would be as important as
the other factors involved. And whether fair use “really” applies probably
isn’t as important as whether it will ever be tested in court (which any
given developer of a small free game is likely to be unwilling or unable to
do) and whether there are other consequences (such as getting a
DMCA notice and taking down the game).

SweetLemonade90 says:

I think if Rebirth started being developed like 4 months later than it
actually did, The Haunt would have been called The Spook.

Custom Phase says:

its a donation, not a payment for a game. the game is technically free, so
its ok to use whatever he wants since he is not getting any direct profit
from it

Brennan Cedeno says:

The skeletons are dancing with the same dance in valve…
“act dance”

Entih says:

So, uh, this guy released this game with the 30-day trial of Unity Pro
license, as you can see from the watermark. This is not permitted under
the TOS of the trial, if he is making money from the result in any way…

Unrelated, to be fair on the possibility that the assets are directly from
the Unity store, assets from the Unity store are on there under the
pretense that they may be used in products that will be sold. Of course,
the asset store also lets asset makers charge for their stuff.

senrab naneek says:

GREATEST GAME EVER. Selfie skeleman is my hero

tehlolzfactor says:

Lol those puns in the beginning. Lovin it Nick.

Charsept says:

danse macabre? nice choice there, Brenden

Miles Teg says:

YouTube is taking ad money off of Nick playing a game made by Brenden that
uses a song by Andrew.

marsgreekgod says:

I don’t think it’s very confusing, I think he is clearly using someone
elses work for profit. I don’t like it, but at the same time I do undestand
why he put the song inn there. 

Indal says:

2 spooky 4 me

StormKidification says:

You’re right Nick, these totally look like Diablo 3 assets. Those big tombs
(are they called mauseleums or something) with the light coming out the
door look exactly like dungeon entrances from Chapter 1.

Squidel AT says:

Kevin Macloed’s Music is Royalty free, so you can use it in commercial
projects free of charge

Eric Jones says:

A fleshless bone wouldn’t work on a touch screen. This game is so

mcoupal says:

I like how your skeleman is looking down morosely for many of the pictures.
I guess he needs more selfie practice (i.e., the reason for people to play
the game).

Skullomaniaaaa says:

Thank you for the kind words. Our people don’t receive the respect we
deserve these days. 

gaurdian0digger says:

Yes. That’s all I have to say about this one.

GameChowLP says:

I can’t wait for the GOTY edition.

Meredith Gray says:

Are you saying there’s a time of year that ISN’T time for skeletons?

Brennan Cedeno says:

2 spooky 4 me

WampaOnRoids says:

there were some really good puns in this one nick. good job

Grant Tremel says:

Isn’t that song Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens…?

Lawn Reality says:

This episode is way too spooky.

Spike6Pixel says:

You mean GtaV isn’t a selfie simulator? Why the hell did I buy it three
times then!? 

LimosRock1 says:

I love danse macabre

Worst Jayce EU says:

Kevin Mcleod? Isn’t it Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns?

Robert Doherty says:


Locuseater says:

We should have professor oak rate the selfies ;p.

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