Graduation Selfie!

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I took the best selfie in the history of high school graduations! Selfie – More Stories – Graduating high school was fun, but taking this selfie…


Mafsd2 says:

Getting through high school in the U.S. is nothing to be too proud of…

SGCBarbierian says:


GreenGoblinHD says:

haha thats classic man

Tanner T says:

Tell us how u became a youtuber! 

RareBreedHD says:

Hey barbi I just had a break up a few minutes ago and I found out that she
cheated on me I felt devastated and she called it quits and I didn’t
understand she said she loved me we where going out for a long time and I
thought she was different and now I found out she cheated on me with a guy
named Luis and I told myself life gets better your a step ahead of everyone
but I just wanted to share this with you because I want you to talk about
“Relationship” please on the next commentary 

Skylord Ah in HD says:

Gonna graduate middle school in 7 days. Been watching your channel for 3
years now! Keep it up.

Darkwolf Hannah says:

I graduated to Class of 2014 Forever

batteryisgettinglow says:


VanguarderOfArms says:

Wow Barbierian my sis, graduated yesterday too, and today is her party,do
you live around Boston?

DRKFST says:

It was bound to happen sooner or later

RareBreedHD says:

One night stand or first fight that you had in High School

Mine Shafter says:

congrats and tell the first time u kissed a girl

Jonathan Le says:

what are the chances of me getting op on ur server?

robynt399 says:

Um…I was wondering if you could do more sims on your other channel. Do
you think you could try that? If you can’t its ok but no harm in asking.

b braunschweig says:

best selfie ever

fisher222devon says:

Does he mean North Attleboro Rhode Island

Jamal Lewis says:

He wouldn’t take your diploma bro! Great story!

Serpah Mann says:


Joe Flats says:

That’s awesome

Tyler Na says:

I do what are the odds

Erick Perez says:

Do more storie times

joseph lee says:


Crafting Eel says:

Best principal ever!

AceGamingNation says:

Here dude I just video taped my schools entire graduation and my friend
also showed me the selfie u took with my fedora dude nice and do u live in

Buster Bog says:

Then a train came there and kicked you in the face.

Love29123 says:

Congrats!!! Class of 2014, we are the future you know.

Steve Thompson says:

Shut up I think graduating in the u.s is just fine there’s no difference
any where else

thebay100 says:

Good job barbi

BroForce says:

DOOD i was At the graduaiton

Ryan Mcloughlin says:


Graham Harris says:

At my high school (i just finished Jr year) in florida a couple of guys
argue that they “invented” what are the odds.

Superredman10159 says:

I play that game to 

Jarrett Conner says:

Cool story bra

Blade TheOPapples says:


Lord Brady says:

whats your twitter user name

Manuel Espino says:

Do the first time you got a phone

Ian Herdt says:

Barbierian, you my friend, are incredible!

MrLucky753 says:

Living in Attleboro I play what are the chances also and that game can get
pretty wild lol

diamondcruiser says:


Esra Ekiz says:

Talk about ur first love deni

S_GirlPlays says:

wait did you JUST post this? 

Nathan Wodarek says:

That happens to my bro yesterday 2

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