Gmod Hide and Seek Funny Moments – Jump Scare, Mirror Selfie, Nasty Bleeding

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Mr Sark says:

H&S selfies. That’s a first XD

Daithi De Nogla says:

Do mooses moo?

Treet says:

0:55 Scared the crap out of me! Hahahah, nice video Moo!!

NitroDoesGaming says:

4:17 looks like something that came out of FailArmy or some kind of random
fail compilation.

Pikinja Stealth says:

I just literally just got scared from when delirious showed up after moo
went up again XD

Adrian Leung says:

wat map r u playin on? the one that u guys are small in the house?

Matthew Roti says:

Or 1

Matthew Roti says:


Kester Semacio says:

Ur videos r getting funnier MOO ! Keep up the editing and ur friends i know
u will have 1 million subscribers soon ;)

BaananaSplit101 says:

Another great vid moo!

Royce Robison says:

that for real scared the shit outta me

Irontwins says:

#newGTA5videosoon I can’t wait for it moo :D

Domenic Parillo says:

Gta 5 

Johan Andren says:

Can you and the “Crew” make a video then you use a car door to stand on and
skateboard down a Hill? Its super funny if you need help how to do it
message me on Xbox My gamertag is Waviieee. But i think understand even plz
try to do it love you ❤️

Niko Acosta says:

Moo snuckel is awesome! Sweg

Mattias Persholm says:

More :D

Star Boy Ray says:

I screamed high pitched like a little girl at 1:04 what in the hell that
shouldn’t scare people I need help :Y

Jaden Washburn says:

For your nexted Q and A why does vanoss have about 12* of subs then u do

Oliver Clarke says:

This video is hilarious and great like all of your videos, keep it up ☺

Jake Boblow says:

I always loved moos laugh

Drew Nemcek says:

Mr. Sark? Woah

Joseph D'Errico says:

3:30 switched to red. Don’t hate

vanMrMann says:

Yay new gta5 video soon!! @-@

Mert Kaya says:


Epicman Is u says:

I got Scared in 1:08

Nathaniel Harvey says:

3:55 scary ass weeping angle doctorwho fans will understand

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