Filming More BTS Videos, Major Selfie Sesh, New Friends

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Zeina Alhalabi says:

Keep the daily vlogs, you seriously don’t understand how excited I get when
I see you’ve uploaded a vlog! And I really want to see how Julian looks
like, so try getting him in the video haha xx 

Carol B says:

Spam my subscription box! I loveee your vlogs, they’re my favorite vlogs
out of like every YouTuber, you’re so funny and you act like yourself and
you’re awesome<3

Shane Brydges says:

i love the daily vlogging! and ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!:)

snickersandlauren says:

Ya Daily vlogging and Tara i could never get mad at you for seeing too much
of you in one day i want more haha Love you Tara

beauty productions says:

does anyone know where Tara’s shirt is from??

Verdaly Stafford says:

how old are you?? :)

Laiane Godoy says:

Im loving your daily vlogs!!! i wait every morning for them! Like I live
for them!! 

Mariah Fairfield says:

thank you so much for warning about spoilers, you’re the best ^^’

Lisa Lim says:

Wait I thought Tara was a vegetarian 

Taylor Spelko says:

you could bleach die your extensions ombre or light blonde so it matches
the bottom of your hair colour

Nicole Castro says:

wait.. julian and 30 years old?! he’s my cousin.

anavel maldonado says:

i love daily vlogging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your vlog made my day tara i love

Charlotte B says:

tara when you say you’re eating spinach, how is it made? im a vegetarian
too and trying to broaden my meal choices and make them a lot healthier 🙂 

Phoebe Grigor says:

What if your hot 30 year old finds these vlogs? 

Brianna Yoon says:

i can already see the comments for the bts lookbook… everyone is gonna be
like omg i cant wear that to my school, omg how are you allowed to wear
shorts, and blahblah -_-

Tara Michelle Vlogs says:
allthatjazz says:

new vlog, yayyyy!

Sofia S says:

your vlogs just make my day!

Le Monde De Clem says:

love your daily vlogs, always makes my day!

Maria Plaschke says:

I looove the daily vlogs, they always make my day!!
Love you ♥♥♥

Julia Brucato says:

i love you!

Hannah Farrell says:

Your daily vlogs are so amazing! I love them so much, they are like the
first thing I watch when I come on YouTube!

cnsfashioncitizen93 says:

Loving the blogs !! Keep then coming !! 

Barnum Isabella says:

LOVEEE your vlogs

Meg Ryan says:

30 is not that old

AnnyLovesPink says:

lol my boyfriend is 29 😀 

aine cuddy says:


Amanyiaworld says:


Savannah Rae says:

Been waiting all day for this! :D

Ann-Sophie Gagne says:

omg so in love with the black top and the flannel at 2:36! where are they
from? ❤️

Madison Hackett says:

I loveeeeee your vlogs!!!!!❤️❤️

Kirsten Burgos says:


Kelsey Kavanaugh says:

Do you usually straighten your hair everyday ? Ily xx

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