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miniminter says:

Who noticed my second channel subliminal advertising xD

chrisd0709 says:

you complain about stamford bridge being silver… the stadium of light has
a 49,000 capacity (4th biggest in the prem)… how does that work?

NewKingBrandon says:

how do brits learn so many american dances/superstitions

Awkwardly JinXed says:

What’s 9+10?

patchy64 says:

I’m 10 and I’m wondering if fifa 15 is over 15 because if it is my mom
won’t buy please help

Alex Deters says:

Could someone build me a Team from 50 to 80k? Should have Benatia in it :)

FifaGoalMontages says:

How have you got 829K subs when there are only 800K people in the world?!

Kenny Fischer says:

Whats the song at 2:30?

xKarvalho says:

can anyone tell me the song at 1:30? its not darude sandstorm i can
recognize it

Juan Pablo R Fernandez says:

Song 2:30? 

Linez!! FIFA 15 Content Daily!!! says:

I did a selfie pack on my channel got nothing :(

iRoNiCxFaTaLiTy says:

Marchisio looks like exactly like cm punk.

Mark K says:

Call Josh into your room and as the pack’s opening shove your dick in his

TurbzyOfficial says:


Sine Nomine says:

Don’t disrespect Michael Bradley!


Can someone please make me a squad on futhead 4231(2) formation OP BPL/BBVA
Hybrid 85-120k PS thanks srry for bothering thanks.

Abo3zh - FIFA15 says:

idon’t usually comment but when ido …

Skitles434PvP says:

Does anyone know the dubstep hes playing at 4:08 ?

Joshua Benoliel says:

Like this comment if bateson is fat

matthew ford says:

Does the opinion outpost thing actually work? Cos when i sign up for it, i
dont receive an email from them…

Jake Wickham says:


Duncan Fuller says:

Could someone tell me if that site is legit

Fut Coins says:

Opinion outpost? So you can get free fifa points through this? Anyone tried
it and does it work?

Jones Shockz says:

What do you mean you don’t get anyone in free gold packs I got James

miniminter says:
Devon Curry says:

Have jj open a pack.

AkatsukiSasuke923 says:

0:48 song name?

Alfie Carson says:

Anyone notice it says mm7games under the facecam?

Raynur Rahman says:

do the ebola wiki pack

Rodrigo Morais Sarmento says:

whats the problem with Ricardo Carvalho?? 😛
(im only asking this because im portuguese)

Blue Tyga says:

Why do u have the mm7 overlay?

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