Eric Koston – Gram Yo Selfie

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Eric Koston wanted to give away two sets of his new signature shade. What better way to give out some sunglasses than a Gram Yo Selfie, right? We asked for y…


Alex Alcantar says:

fuk instagram, do a giveaway involving youtube comments haha.

The Berrics says:

Eric Koston handles a Gram Yo Selfie!

Herp Derp says:

that moment when you see koston’s phone is pure gold….

Drs50gold K says:

That golden iphone tough !

Jaco Rossouw says:

Your tactics worked, because of this I’ll totally buy these if they ever
make it to SA :P

Michael Sheridan says:

Give that guy who made the Owen Wilson joke a years supply of glasses!

Michael Vicinanza says:

i need sunglases cos i can potatos

Luca Dvs says:

Eric Koston “shout-out to Mechelen, Belgium!”

Henrique Maverick says:

mt foda o iphone do menino

ZaynePlanB says:


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