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TheFineBros says:

Fine Family, you are amazing. Thanks for being subscribed and watching all
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TheFineBros says:

Enjoy ELDERS REACT TO #SELFIE! Don’t forget to watch the BONUS! ELDERS
REACT TO #SELFIE (Bonus #31)

TheSuperNinjaUnicorn says:

Kids react to thrash metal! :D

StopMotionHeadBanger says:

Teens React to BroScienceLife. 

alyssarockmsp says:

Omg lol. Welcome to 2014.

TrolledMC says:

Elders react to ASDFMovies!

Razeen Thammachack says:


ilikelittlejimmys says:

The guy in the blue dress shirt is the best one.

Butterantics says:


Mr.Kupp says:

2:08 Not music!? Wow she has no sense in music!

JustDancerDude PH says:

Elders React to Katy Perry please!! :)

walter ng says:

i like the guy’s comment on people’s self-esteem today!

supmrdude8 says:

Elders React to Lazer Collection

maddie lynn says:

Teens react to #Selfie!!!!!

Diego Garza says:

I want rock to be my grandad

Caid Slattz says:

elders react to some shock video 

AllForShow Nation says:

Please please please do a teens react to la la la -naughty boy

Vicky Jonas says:

aww♥ elders are the best 

Zombclanvideos Fan page says:

Elders react to godzilla

yann RODRIGUES says:

Elders React to ASDFMovies!

Hitman In Green says:

Teens react : turn down for what

gknk223 says:

The Cowboy “ROCK” I love him I want a grand pa’ like him !!!

Amin Sennour says:

i just want to say, not all, very few teenagers, at least that i know are
like this

Miguel Ramirez says:

Elders react to Outlast!

Alizabeth J says:

Teens react to Markiplier

Rashawn Uchiha says:


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