DIY Selfie Stick for camera or GoPro!

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Make your very own glowing selfie stick for cameras or GoPro! BTW: Use your camera timer function to take pictures.
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xereeto says:

I prefer to call it a “narcissistick”.

RandomIdiot105 says:

I would shove that stick up my ass

flyiNg says:

How do i take the photo ??

CrappingZombie says:

more like narcissis-stick.

kipkay says:

Make your very own glowing selfie stick!

Bears&Cookies says:

At first I read DIY Selfie Dick… Damn Internet

Vmt16 says:

Or you could just extended your arm and be done with it. But hey, that’s
just me, I’m primitive like that. And I call them pictures too! Go figure.

Yiğit Ergül says:

U can take photos with your headphones , just plyg it in ur iphone and when
you want to take a selfie with selfie stick , just press the button on the
cable of your headphones

ariot sallahu says:

I dont Know If U Did It Before But Can U Make Avideo HOW TO MAKE A SMOKE

Jose Z says:

Finally something useful 

Brendan Sheehy says:


agro max says:

Don’t you need to press the button in order to take a picture on your

Traven Craker says:

Sorry but this is kinda boring. Where are the laser shooting sharks?

Walker Bell says:

if it is out of your reach how do you take a picture??? this is stupid

TakeiT says:

It’s basically a monopod. I think it’s more useful for vloggers.

Rohan Patel says:

I don’t know why people call it a selfie when there are more than 1 person
in it. Selfie Self ie 

dRkrimskrams says:

Just to make sure, i like videos about shavers and yours are also pretty
nice, but i think you should try somethnig new. However, i will use Gilette
Fusion anyway…

showan dev says:

Whats your favourite auction site

Ronin van der Werke says:

an cool extra you can do is sandpaper the acrylic that gives the stick a
realy cool look 

rogertopful says:

Is it bad that when I saw “glowing selfie stick” I thought it was a light
up dildo?

noma jhondeere says:

How are you were supposed to reach the button on the phone to take the

Hal Motley says:

Doesn’t the LED need a resistor though?

ledal99 says:

That’s cool but how the hell do u take the picture if your 3 feet away from
the phone.

Knuckles the Echidna says:

@WalkerBell ever heard of this thing called a ‘self timer’ do you even know
how a camera works?

Kevin McMurphy says:

Like if you read “DIY Selfie Dick” :D

Joe- Anim. says:

In my country, who buys selfiestick: Girls girls and girls! Before we
access the tribulation era, we starting new technology: Selfie stick! Good
Job, useful as a Golf club if u want to

Marley McWilliams says:

Selfies are for self important narcissists.


But how would you take the picture?

TheSplatGames says:

Because who doesn’t have a tripod and bike handlebar lying around?

sonicxlolz21 says:

Plexiglass Rod+LED Setup+Bicycle Handle= Light Saber

Am I right? +MlgPotatos +Benny Drowned
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Joestaen says:


spedeede says:

Why the heck people come to complain in every video, just leave already :D.
You complain about projects you don’t make, advertisements you can skip and
everything else you don’t like. Its like going to the movie theater to
watch a movie you don’t like and then complain how it was bad . I still
like watching kipkays videos after 5-6 years because I like these kind of
videos and some of the ideas have been good actually. And seems many people
are just hating new videos because someone already did. Like I don’t listen
to justin bieber because many people hate him, I just don’t like him nor
his music. And i bet that the videos won’t get any better if you just say
0/5 to every damn video. Write him what you like and what you don’t like so
he can actually understand the hate. I know there are people that have done
it already but also many who has not.

Chris Folstrom says:

How is it going to help with the actual pressing of the button to take a
Or is it always going to have to be on a timer?
Thats my first thoughts

Leuel48Fan says:

Its not a KipKay project until he manages to stick an LED in there.

tobortine says:

I love your channel KipKay. Every Friday I wonder, “what useless crap is
Kip going to build this week” and you never disappoint.

Vanoss Lee says:

how to press the take picture button ??

Aakash Kalaria says:

Why you add LEDs to everything?

edstah77 says:

The code was invalid 

yolickerss says:

Looks like kipkay is running out of ideas.

ratapata69 says:

How it takes the selfie? How does it take picture?

WalcomS7 says:

Too bad that acrylic rod probably cost you more than…any other material I
can think of.

HJCF0520 says:

I’m not a fan of “selfies” but, this is a cool project.:)

Atomic Sauce. says:

Should have been a gopro stick

Aidan's Tech says:

Kipkay I love your DIY videos, keep it up! 

Profess0r says:

‘Selfie Stick’ sounds like something else

Corwin Blakeley says:

I thought it said DIY Selfie Dick

Let's Loom It Up #Rainbow Loom says:

The best phone to use is an a apple get the head phone from Apple then plug
it in and click the volume and it will take a photo 

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