DIY GoPro GlowPole – Glowing Selfie Pole!

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These clear GoPro poles have lights inside and are easy to build!

Parts for this build can be purchased at .

Parts List:
– Extruded Plexiglass acrylic tubing – .875″ (7/8″) outside diameter, inside diameter of .625″ (5/8″) OR .750″ (3/4″)
– One 3/4″ CPVC cap with a flat face (some are domed).
– Lock-on or locking bicycle grip
– 1/4-20 x 1/2″ bolt. You probably need some washers or a nut to use as spacer.
– Two part plastic epoxy. I used JB Weld and Loctite brands and they are very similar. I highly recommend that you epoxy the CPVC cap to the pole tube so you don’t lose your camera!
– Thread lock/Loctite. I recommend that you use thread locker on the 1/4-20 screw and tripod adapter so that the adapter doesn’t unscrew and you don’t lose your camera!
– A GoPro tripod adapter. The knock-off tripod adapters seem to work well.
– A flashlight with less than 22.5mm (around 7/8″) diameter and not longer than 4″.
– A LED glowstick with the switch on the end of the light, NOT on the side. I bought mine from Home Depot. It is “Defiant” model number 809-2811-D. This link may take you to the correct item:

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Thanks man, I’m going to try this myself 

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