David Letterman – Lady Gaga, Bill Murray and Dave Take A Selfie

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Lady Gaga drops by to invite Dave, Bill and entire audience over to Roseland for a special performance.

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Music Top's says:

gaga <3

MsCordially says:

ahhhh strippers 


Thank god he’s finally going to retire. He’s not fun to watch anymore.

Sunny C says:

Lucky audience…

Ladyluvlygaga Love says:

I love Gaga and Bill Murray! He is so hilarious!

esther LitlleM says:


ErlGaGa says:

OMG I love her look, it’s so The Fame Monster

Gregg money says:

Lady Gaga looked so amazing the hair the outfit it gets no better than that

Brooke Wootton says:

OMG,you are a queen,luv the outfit,shoes,performance was a killer,paws up

Elladonna De Pont says:

the outfit is sooooo Born This Way, the hair is a mix with The Fame Monster
and ARTPOP!!

Juan Gonzalez says:

I admire Lady Gaga cause she’s the most focused woman on the planet,
forgets to put her pants and don’t even notice.

Fox Six says:

looki ho t

Christopher Scotts says:

I love how there is more grown up men/women in the audience but a lot are
still happy and excited c:

Chris Lambert says:


pointlessCRAYtv says:

Its funny cuz gaga said she hates the word selfie

Brayan Rdz says:

She’s so hot lol

roxo166 says:

The Style is Lady Gaga.

Hrvoje Visco says:

Lady Gaga is so divine and lovely. Like a pop star kitten 😉 Love her!!!

HardWired4Success says:

What is Gentleman Gaga doing here!

vincent calvez says:

We live in a world with degenerate people, the most of positive comments
about this video is a proof of this terrible desease…Honesty, I complain
the future generations (and the old in the same time) . Poor world

tonijesus1 says:

What?! She’s a dwarf ?! HAHAHAHHAHAAAHA now I understand why she wants to
showoff so much.

MrTonyheaney says:

no that want planned aT ALL GOD NO

TheDudezer says:

Lady Gaga??? You know that’s really Marilyn Manson gone blonde right?

Mike Deez says:

lmao @ bill snapping those extra photos

Adrien Moo says:

What a bunch of madmens… Come on guy have you lost your minds ?! She is a
fucking ugly, disgusting tramp !
Seeing all this cattle applauding and all the commentary really makes loose
faith in humanity. You are all shit eaters !

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