The selfie fashion has become viral all over the world. Everybody takes photos of themselves using their smartphone or tablet gadgets. This piece of news has not escaped baby Barbies ears either. It is back to school time and she wants to surprise her friends and classmates with a new selfie card. Help baby Barbie prepare for a fabulous selfie card photo shoot session in her newly decorated Hello Kitty bedroom. The cute girl wants to show off her recently purchased dresses, tops and bottoms having as background the fresh pink princess room decor. Dress up Barbie in pretty chic [More]
Surfing with the waterproof camera kind of securely held in my hand! Cape Otway, Great Ocean Road. REMEBER TO CHANGE TO HD
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It’s me your grandma! I’m very dissapointed because you never call me and you never come visit me! Yesterday, you brought me here to this stinky place and told me I would spend the day but I know I’m here to stay. And I don’t know why! Maybe because the other day when I was driving and I hit those three or four bumps in the road but then you said they were some kids? How could they be, who wears those clothes? Anyways please come visit and take me out of this place! Your grandma loves you!
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“Radio Interview #2” This is my video selfie documenting my journey of being a rock-n-roll mom/musician wife, leading up to my 1st gig in 6 months. I had my 3rd child in June & did one spot date in Brooklyn NYC at Bazaar Royal “Brooklyn Bazaar”, with my 3 month baby boy there with me in September. It’s always a tough process getting prepared for a show with 3 little ones flying around, so I’m going to share the 31 days leading up to my show in New York At the Legendary “Bitter End” April 12th 8pm $5. I want [More]
First clip in a series which will contain all zones of World of Warcraft. More to come! Stay tuned! Music provided by NCS K-391 – Everybody