BLU Selfie Unboxing and First Look

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Beau HD unboxes the BLU Selfie, a smartphone that’s focused on selfies. Although it does feature an octa-core processor with 2GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 1280×720 display, 4G HSPA+, and a microSD card slot for expandable storage, the two 13-megapixel camera sensors are what truly define the device. The BLU Selfie features a 13-megapixel front and 13-megapixel rear Sony IMX135 camera sensors with a front-facing ‘Glam Flash’ and rear-facing dual flash. The Selfie retails for $249 off-contract on Amazon for either US GSM or global GSM carriers.

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PhoneDog says:

BLU Selfie Unboxing and First Look.

The BLU Selfie is designed for those who love to take pictures of
themselves. It features a 13-megapixel Sony IMX135 front and rear-facing
camera sensors. For $249, the BLU Selfie also includes an octa-core
processor with 2GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 720p display, 4G HSPA+, and a microSD
card slot for expandable storage. Would you buy a smartphone for its
selfie-taking capabilities?

Harshvardhan Sinha says:

Twin brother of Micromax Canvas Selfie

Kevin Sheppard says:

No i don’t take a lot of selfies (my profile pic is about a year old) hence
I would not buy a phone just for selfies.

Syed Ali says:

BLU Selfie Unboxing and First Look:

QualityMuffin says:

Id rather go for the OnePlus One, but fun consept!

Naufaldi Hilmi says:

i’d buy this just for the selfie, the only downside is the software UI
itself. just wth man…

Pallav Patodia says:

looks exactly same as micromax canvas selfie

Jonas Gamao says:

I personally am not into selfies, but I know people who do. This is
probably perfect for them. 

Awais says:

The HTC desire eye was similar to this 13mp front and back, not octa core
though I believe

Mario Elia says:

“do you take a lot of selfie?”

Erm… No…

The phone oddly reminds me of the Sony xperia arc , but the top and bottom
bessels just don’t seem practical. I understand it’s needed for the camera
so some things like the size need compromised – it doesn’t seem like a
phone for me :-)

shawn keller says:

Hey are you a drug addict.. 

Hansel Åström says:

I need this in my life, Just for the reason that it has “Selfie” in it’s

Jefferson Sheng says:

If BLU can update the software their phone will sell crazy.

ladawg81 says:

I give absolutely no shits about the rear facing camera. Let alone front.
That’s why I love my nexus 5. The most I use a camera for is sending direct
messages on Instagram. And you don’t need ultra awesome resolution for

Miger bardho says:

The galaxy s6 and the note 4 have a very good selfie cameras and a lot of
other features 

Mustapha Lawal says:

But the front camera is quiet good..

P//MBECH says:

Fugly Phone

Paul Enriquez-Goehring says:

This is insane for a front facing camera!

Zack Monster says:

This is a rebadge of a China phone . Meipai phone

VaibhavKnowsTech says:

This phone and the micromax canvas selfie are exactly the same

Shahid gire says:

This is the clone device… Because Original Design and hardware is this
device.. “Micromax Canvas Selfie”

Ch Siva Prasad says:

Hey! I think BLU rebranded Micromax canvas selfie.

Deepesh Pv says:

BLU u copied from micromax wasnt expecting such cheap moves how can u steal
their idea and fame #dissapointed in blu #bauxhd

The only easy Day was yesterday says:

This would bring your selfie game to over 9000!!!

chris gault says:

What a goofy looking phone. I don’t think the world needs my selfies to be
that high of a resolution. 

The 2k says:

I swear hearing “Sim card Slut” every time, thanks Beau

reds jones says:

This phone reminds me of the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD , that was released may
2009 , I like this BLU Selfie

Travis McCormick says:

Sooooooooooo basically an HTC Desire Eye without sense and a smaller

Anita Sarqueefian says:

Holy badge engineering batman!

Jaycob Baez says:

The name alone will make people not buy this

Ross Findlay says:

i ate a big red candle

0123jolo says:

Cherry Mobile Selfie

Patrick Bartolome says:

looks like a Flip cameraa

Alted Lagman says:

Also availabe here in the Philippines as the Cherry Mobile Selfie which was
released few months ago.

Sara Alves says:

You do really live to your name

Bogdan Vernescu says:
Troll Rasta says:

All blu phones are garbage ….

bgunit20 says:

I’m all for uniqueness, but this had to be one of the ugliest phones out

Sebastián Garín Ortiz says:

it looks cheap

Ophium says:

oh my god that’s a large rear camera lol

drainboy says:

is the htc desire eye better than this?

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