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DisneyCarToys Barbie Mall Selfie Video with Mike The Merman, Spider-Man and Barbie do Selfies in the new 2014 Barbie Glam mall. This video is part 1 of a 2 part series, in part 2 Disney Frozen…


DisneyCarToys says:

Barbie drops her phone in the toilet!!! A must watch :-)

Cristina Marie says:

+disneycartoys does Barbie have a Instagram 

Rebecca Li says:

awesome loool

DisneyCarToys says:
Silver Heartz says:

this is starting to get dumb.

victoria fabia says:

Awesome Video! :-)

Commander Sparkle says:

Why is Barbie barefoot in public?

Sophia D says:


LoomyGirl says:

Oh my goodness I love this video it’s so funny! barbie spidey and Mike the
merman are like my favourite characters! I’m gonna make a barbie show soon
and I was wondering if you would check it out?

#toiletphone :D

Soha Khaja says:

omg barbie…THIS…WEEK!?!?!?

Anthony Nguyen says:

Laugh out louad

Thekawaiisweettrain says:

Oh my gosh my catch phrase is “totes amazeballs” lol I say that to my
cousin all the time! I got super excited when mike the merman said that

mylifeiscandy says:

You say you want to show your face next video better show face if not I
hate you

Ruby Rauser says:

Can you please show ur face ur like my idol and it would mean so much to me
if you showed ur face!!!!!!!!!!!

CaptainSynHD says:

You said you show your face

Dennis Coruna says:


Skybug Slate says:

Hey are you going to show your face.

Chloe B says:

Still yucky

abida ali says:
joosun kim says:

Bit of both clean and a little dirty

Estefania Correa says:

Amazeballs i love that word!!!!

Doroteo Santana says:

Maybe a little dirty,that was funnyLOL

Randall Guffey says:

Yucky from tolet water

Rosie Kilifi says:


Popi Massey says:

If Bobby touches that she is the guys did
She is disgusting to you so that’s why didn’t even do that why Bob a nut
nut hi Bobby bye-bye bye-bye bye bye-bye bye-bye bye Mike the mom I am by
outside Nonna170$&@!?.,””{% okay Siri is Bobby if you jacked up okay that’s
it bye Bobby

Miriam Rabin says:

I think it is clean because Mike used his magic. But it might smell a
little bit like smelly toilet water, also , spider man’s selfie was the

Yuwapa Khorkaew says:

OMG BARIE!!!!!!!!!!

Naomi N Sosa says:


fernanda Escobar says:


hanz313 says:

Guys thats silly that Barbie drops her phone

danica yuen says:

Can you do family blogs

The singing Girl says:

Clean coz of the merman’s powers

Nick Feller says:

I am your biggest fan ever and I always wake up and the first thing I do is
watch your videos! :-)

Kaitlyn Belof says:


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