BARBIE MALL SELFIE Elsa Anna Spiderman DisneyCarToys Mike Merman Barbie Video Part 2

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DisneyCarToys Spiderman Babysitter for Disney Frozen Elsa and Prince Felix. Spiderman does a bad job at babysitting and falls asleep. Disney Princess Elsa sends Spidey home but he takes food from Elsa’s Barbie Doll Fridge. Each doll, gets a midnight snack from the glam refrigerator including Spider-Man, Frozen Anna and Kristoff’s daughter Krista, Alex, Felicia and Ken doll Prince Felix. Elsa gets mad that there is no more Barbie food in the fridge. See more Barbie toy videos on my husband’s ToysReviewToys channel.

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This video features my Barbie Fridge that goes with her Glam House. Also int his video are my Frozen Elsa and Anna Kids that are vintage 1990s Barbie Kelly Dolls.
DisneyCarToys Shopkins Toys Frozen Elsa Barbie and Anna’s Kids open Blind Bags Surprise Shopping Baskets and 5 pack. Spokins toy opening with Frozen Elsa, Disney Princess and kids Alex, Felicia, and Krista. The Frozen Barbie dolls go Shopkins shopping at the Shopkins Small Mall, Shopkins Fruit and Veg Stand and Shopkins Bakery. Watch my channel for superhero Marvel Spiderman Shopkins videos. You can collect 148 Shopkins in edition 1. The Frozen children are 1990s vintage Barbie Kelly dolls. Also in this set I got rare and ultra rare shopkins. Check out my DisneyCarToys channel and my husband’s ToysReviewToys channel for more Shopkins toy reviews with Frozen Elsa and Anna plus Peppa Pig or Mickey Mouse.
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We love toys! I have been filming YouTube Toy Reviews for over 2 years featuring character toys and playsets like Disney Frozen Dolls, Vintage Barbie playsets, Disney Cars, Cookie Monster, Play Doh playsets, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Peppa Pig, Duplo Legos and Shopkins. We love to create stories with the toys, come join me on these adventures! I am an avid Disney toys reviewer originally from Los Ranchos de Albuquerque New Mexico, bringing many of these toys to my toy review toychannel. I have two kids, a boy and girl, ages 5 and 2.

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