Alliance (Froggen Lulu) VS SHC (Selfie Yasuo) Highlights – 2014 EU LCS Summer W1D2

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Alliance VS SHC Full Replay :


AendM says:

2:30 look at yasuo when he ults and where is he standing 

MrDemivicious says:

ALLIANCE needs a better toplaner for sure!

mrSnakeeye20 says:

SHC tactic. Get selfi lb or yasuo (wich is basically his whole champpool)
and get him feeded

afksamuelyou says:

TAbz sucks bad position

Róbert Krausz says:

nice hooks from thresh gg wp

CarnageGaming says:

Thanks for these vids op! 


Damn selfie is a beast!

AliC3able says:

Impaler and his cacoons was perfect in this game

Wisteria Berlitz says:

shoutout to the 8%

OPLOLReplay says:

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