All By Myself – Richard Dunn’s Amazing Video Selfie – MUST WATCH!!!

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What would you do if you found yourself alone at an airport? Watch Richard Dunn’s Amazingly creative video he made when he found himself in just that situation at the Las Vegas Airport. Great…


seraphiccandy21 says:

Why put this awesome video up on such an unknown sight? Its got all the
right stuff to go viral but it needs to be on a hosting site that gets more
then 20 views an hour :P

João Ferreira says:

Awesome!!! Someday I’ll do the same in Europe!! Thanks, really enjoy it ☺

Milagros Judith Pinares Rojas says:

Awesome well done!!

Cristian Restivo says:

Céline is everywhere hhahahah good job! :33

Debra Rowlands says:

Most excellent!

Pakatoria says:

Lol, I love it.


Hysterical! Love it! Anyone call Ellen? Richard…. I’ve never posted! U
crack me up!

Loretta Banks says:

Lol Well done Mr. Dunn! :D

Jeremy Gates says:

Well Dunn.

John Helms says:

Brilliant!!! ROFL

Rue D Day Williamson says:

Love it… but last time I synced a copyright sound track to a video
youtube nazis deleted it… good luck with that though

Megan Follett says:

12th comment? How has this not gone viral by now? Bit exciting though
commenting so early on a video that WILL go through the roof in terms of
popularity. This looked like it was so much fun to do. I see a career in
the making for Mr Dunn.

mollyblue etchegaray says:

This is immaculate, man – you’ve nailed it! Great video, lipsync, and
camera. Abso-lutely-fucking-fantabulous! THANK YOU. Been there, Know what
it’s like.

Lee Chapman says:

You, my friend – rock!

Milagros Judith Pinares Rojas says:

Awesome well done!!

dunnlights says:

Hey there again! Time for a public apology. I didn’t mean to come across
angry because I’m certainly not!!!! Caught me of guard that someone
downloaded the video and re-uploaded. Totally a punk move for me to talk
to you like that! Please enjoy the video…..(however you would like!!!!)
and accept my apology!!!

John Helms says:

SOOOOO Funny!! A Buddy of mine got stuck in the Airport overnight, and look
what he did!! lol

shamama whitt says:

Ingenious. You must be a load of laughs at parties! Great job Richard.
Thank you for sharing your imagination with us. It’s refreshing to see
people can still imagine, create, & share. Your family must be very proud
of you. Great plug for Celine too. Good luck in any future endeavors.
This one will be a hard one to top.

tarahuffman says:

I had to share. Time well spent.

Michael New says:

Very clever :-)

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