Agenda Unified Night – Gram Yo Selfie

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Every year we invite everyone over to The Berrics after the Agenda tradeshow for a giant session for shop employees, team riders, and friends and family. Hug…


Ryan Lai says:

Fuck yeah Jordan Maxham

totatuva says:

Everyone in southern california is fucking amazing at skating.
East coast has nothing on us. 

CouldCareLessProductions says:

wtf happned to chaz ortizes voice he sounds like a little boy i had to
rewatch it like 5 times god damn its wierd

Leon says:

who is this black guy? Name pleae

Eli Pinkney says:

Why does chaz ortiz sound like hes 12 lmao

KevinProdigy says:

That one guy with the king sweater sounds like a kid.

RoaSiTra SWE says:

Thats my nigga Gary!

请求禁忌 says:


joelperkovich says:

2:40 pop shuv firecracker

kai jacot mcdavid says:


daniel fraind says:

Bad ass vid

Garf2O says:

damn that park is busy as fuck, can’t even go 2 feet before hitting

Rob McCabe says:


Gpalmer16 says:

Day Care Day @ Berrics #(DcD)

Joe Caine says:

dope skating

The Berrics says:

The selfie was gram’d and tricks were requested… 

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