12 Selfie-Obsessed Celebs

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Let’s be real guys – there’s probably a good chance you’ve snapped a selfie within the last 24 hours, and if you claim you haven’t, you’re probably lying.

Yes, thanks to camera phones and Instagram, people can take quick photos of themselves and share with their friends and followers. However, though we’re sure some of you are more on the DL about capturing yourself on camera, no group of individuals seem to be as selfie-obsessed as celebrities.

Whether they’re perfecting their duck face or showing off some of their best assets, the following 12 celebrities on this countdown are ADDICTED to selfies, and may or may not need an intervention.

12. Rihanna
11. Paris Hilton
10. Demi Lovato
9. Austin Mahone
8. Nicki Minaj
7. Ariana Grande
6. Selena Gomez
5. Shay Mitchell
4. Miley Cyrus
3. Kim Kardashian
2. Kylie Jenner
1. Justin Bieber

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Luciennedepp says:

I find Demi so annoying

Nadja Veronika says:

For some reason I’m so annoyed by Ariana Grande…Anyone with me?

NickiFlawlessMinaj says:

Yay Nicki Queen of Instagram

BizkitRebellion says:

0:04 – 0:11
That’s such an ignorant statement, because I’ve never taken a selfie nor
want to.

Kimye West says:

Where’s Luke Brooks? Lol

PercentExpert30 says:

I have never taken a selfie, mainly because I have a life. Also, I think
that they are moronic and stupid. I hate people who take selfies, unless
it’s a member of Girls’ Generation or a super hot female Asian. Why would
anyone want to look at a picture of Miley Cyrus? I guess some people have
super strong stomachs. She looked good during her Disney days, but after
her new hairstyle, she’s become a slut. No, she’e become a whore. She looks
like a dyke. And Justin Bieber, where do I begin? When I heard a fraction
of his first hit, I thought what an idiot, he can only say one and a half
words. Nowadays, he’s a complete and total douche. I’m surprised God hasn’t
killed him yet. He is an embarrassment to the whole world. If it was legal,
I would punch him in the face until I punch the floor. Miley Cyrus too.
“But you can’t hit a girl,” well I wouldn’t be hitting a girl, I would be
hitting a dyke. And Miley Cyrus too.

Mistertbones says:

Nope, never taken a self portrait of myself on a camera phone, because I
don’t even own a camera phone.

Misha Micky says:

notice how JB and his clone are the only guys on the list

χχєℓℓαχχ says:

I hate taking selfies.

Caroline says:

Miley posts selfies/pics that girls would never post bc they think they
have to look so perfect in every fucking picture.. that’s the reason why i
love Miley. She’s different.

Ana Lazovic says:

Joslyn is so funny :D

Edohic says:

im not lying…ive taken 1 selfie in my entire life….for facebook ;(

thegirlwhochats says:

Arianas pout face makes her look soo stupid and unattractive ew

Demi Love says:

I hate ariana and her selfies she’s so so so stupide

Chevieve Heri says:

She was talking abt riri’s hair color changing a lot. +Tyler Oakley
…cough cough 

Britneypab Edits says:

My idol Shay Mitchell!! <3

aryanna718 says:

Who else noticed her dress had the tag on at 0:47 

Rose Yusuf says:

Selfies only work if your pretty, heck if I was pretty I would marry the
camera :P

akoual mou says:

Somewhere in the World, someone is fapping to this….

Christina Fjæren says:

My front camera is actually broken so I can’t take selfies :(

tintsukkaa says:

In one interviw Ariana said that she hate taking selfies…


I dont either im too fat

Alex Ghenet says:

The queen of instagram is Nicki Minaj

neal shams says:

Nicki should be no. 1..!!

Marc Bellegarde says:

miley don’t take selfie . when all the black people and other was doing it
…of course she have to do the same thing what they was doing . cause she
just a big fat follower who wanna be a wannabe whore and copy what everyone
doing .

Hira Naseem says:
Itty Bitty Piggy On Fleek says:

Nicki Minaj New single comes out on Tuesday

rickymer mirador says:

I don’t take sefies

MaddyLane18 says:

Ohh noooooo!!!!! Joslyn there is a tag on your dress!!!

Kiily Nguyen says:

Anyone else saw her dress wt the tag still on it?

Emma Smith says:

I really like your youtube channel.
My favourite clevverette would have to be Joslyn but i still love the rest
of you other clevverette. I have commented on a few other of your videos
before. I love all you ladies. And i would love to be a clevverette one
day. Emma smithxxx

jamantha 304 says:

1st comment i think

Aine Plunkett says:

0:47 did anyone else notice the tag on the back of her dress?

lilly says:

0:47 omg she didn’t take off her dress tag loooooool

Ina M. says:

I’m surprised Ashton Irwin didn’t make the cut.

TeamASA Xx says:

Presenter is sooo annoying!

Loomy cats says:

I can’t take good selfies:(

Tamara Santos says:

I love you guys sooo much , I love to watch your vids <3<3<3

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